Why You Should Become a NetSquared Organizer


NetSquared seeks event hosts who are passionate about promoting the use of technology for good and meeting other people who are interested in using the web for social change.

Does this sound like you? Then apply to become a NetSquared organizer.

  • I'm excited to gather people to discuss and facilitate the use of nonprofit technology.
  • I have strong roots in my community (or want a way to create them).
  • I have one to two hours each week that I can devote to organize an event.
  • I have a computer, Internet access, and computer skills.
  • I have event planning skills and resources.
  • I love to network and connect people.
  • I understand that there's no pay or tangible benefits, just the joy of knowing that I'm giving back to my community.

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Core Characteristics of a NetSquared Group
Our meetups:

  1. Happen once per quarter or more often
  2. Are live, in-person events
  3. Serve the nonprofit and social benefit community by increasing the tech skills of local organizations
  4. Are free or accessible via a low-cost donation

What Do NetSquared Organizers Do?
NetSquared organizers are volunteers who convene in-person gatherings. At these events, members of the nonprofit and technology communities share best practices, learn from one another, and collaborate on projects to create real world impact.

Time Commitment
This depends on how hard-core you are! But a good estimate is one hour per week.

Benefits Of Being a NetSquared Organizer

NetSquared organizers discover that to host events is among the most satisfying work they've ever done because they can:

  • Build a reputation as an expert and network with their local nonprofit tech
  • Be independent — they don't need to ask anyone's permission to get things done 
  • Better structure their volunteer time

Nonprofit Staffers
It can be lonely to work in nonprofit technology; sometimes nobody understands your work and its challenges. It's rejuvenating to host regular NetSquared gatherings where nonprofit techies come together to laugh, drink, and network with peers. Plus, when you host events, you have the opportunity to learn from your community's experts.

Technologists and Consultants
Put your expertise to social good, and create lasting relationships (be they paid or volunteer) with leading organizations in your community. NetSquared events aren't the place to sell your products and services, but they are the perfect place for you to build your reputation by sharing your skills and knowledge (and business opportunities will definitely flow from that).

Activists and Community Leaders
Your activist friends are trying to change the world, but they would be much more effective and reach more people if they could leverage technology for their mission. As a NetSquared organizer, you can share your skills and help other activists make a difference.

How We Will Support You

We're here to help you create amazing events.

  1. Subscription to Meetup.com
  2. Peer support, sharing best practices, and event ideas
  3. Encouragement from the NetSquared community manager
  4. Event recipes and theme months
  5. Promotion of your events across the TechSoup network, including our blogs, newsletters, and calendars


Q: Is there a curriculum?
A: There is no set curriculum because we know that each community has unique needs, and each organizer has his or her own area of focus. However, we provide event templates to help make planning easier.

Q: Is there financial support available to help me hold events?
A: We are unable to provide financial support for your monthly events. However, we will occasionally make stipends and scholarships available on a project-by-project basis.

Question not answered? Please email net2@techsoupglobal.org.

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