Why You Should Become a TechSoup Connect Host


NetSquared Seeks Event Hosts to Share the Power of #Tech4good

NetSquared is a volunteer-led program of TechSoup that builds the technology capacity of nonprofits through networking and training events. Organizers plan monthly meetups, but you don't need to be a tech expert. As a volunteer organizer, your role is to be the host, manage the venue and recruit guest speakers who will present case studies and share best practices.

As a NetSquared organizer, you will become known as someone who's a leader in the tech for good community. As an event host, you build your reputation, develop new tech skills, and give back. There no pay – except for tremendous karma and having an excuse to hang out with other cool people.

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Core Characteristics of a NetSquared Group

Our meetups:

  • Happen once per quarter (ideally monthly).
  • Are usually in-person, but online during COVID-19.
  • Build the digital marketing and technology skills of nonprofits, charities and libraries.
  • Are free or by donation.

Time Commitment

It depends, but a good estimate is one hour per week.

Benefits Of Being a NetSquared Organizer

NetSquared organizers discover that hosting events is among the most satisfying work they've ever done because they can:

  • Build a reputation as an expert and network with their local nonprofit tech community.
  • Be independent — they don't need to ask anyone's permission to get things done.
  • Better structure their volunteer time.

How We Will Support You

We're here to help you create amazing events. We offer:

  • Subscription to Meetup.com.
  • Peer support, sharing best practices, and event ideas from 250 organizers who have gone before you.
  • Cheerleading and encouragement from the NetSquared community manager.
  • Event templates.
  • Promotion of your events across the TechSoup network, including our blogs, newsletters, and calendars.

Questions? Reach out to us at events@techsoup.org

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