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NetSquared State of the Union: Annual Report for July 2014 to June 2015

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NetSquared State of the Union FY15

We all agree that technology is changing the world. So are nonprofits. Let’s ensure that civil society has the tools and skills to succeed in their audacious world-changing missions.

We believe that meeting face-to-face is a uniquely effective way to learn and build community. That’s why TechSoup’s NetSquared supports a global network of activists who host free technology workshops and networking events. Last year we delivered training to 17,000+ nonprofit employees, board members, volunteers, and community leaders. Event attendees build a support network and learn practical technology skills to support their programs, marketing and fundraising.

“I’m very busy and important! What’s the top three things I should know about?”

Over the last twelve months here’s the highlights:

  1. The new allows you to easily search for your closest group or event
  2. We trained 36 Organizers in event-hosting best practices during NTEN’s 15NTC and NetSquared Ambassadors recruited more than 10 new group leaders
  3. Organizers hosted 629 events last year (vs 468 the previous year, a 34% increase)

But if you’ve got more time let me show off on behalf of the NetSquared organizers!

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