#Nairobi: How NGOs and Charities Can Implement Budget Video Conference Software

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How NGOs and Charities Can Implement Budget Video Conference Softwares to keep activities going in the wake of COVID-19

Hosted by Jackson Gathoni of NetSquared Nairobi

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic which has literally stopped the world, NGOs working in East Africa are still required to continue with their operations and hence the need for coordination across the world. Most of these organizations have limited resources and end-up using FREE video conferencing facilities which are not reliable and easily manageable within the organization. An organization by the name TechSoup identified this problem faced by small organizations and has collaborated with major Software companies to offer subsidized softwares as software donations. Some of the essential tools that can be of help to teams working from home are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

In this video recording, Jackson shows how your charitable organization can benefit from some of these software donations as well as other tools.

#NPTechClubATX: Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Non-Profit Career and Organization

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This event was recorded on 2020-04-06 and was hosted by the #NPTechClubATX team.

Jennifer Surovy, Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE/NRWA), presented tips and tricks on creating a profile that will enable you to more effectively reach your professional goals. 

#Guatemala — Seguimiento #comercializadoragt #guatemala #oportunidades #Covid-19

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Vamos a tener una sesion virtual con los miembros e interesados a hablar de oportunidades abiertas, apoyo a planes de emergencia de #covid-19, teletrabajo y contarles a los nuevos como funciona la comercializadora. No tiene costo y esta abierto a cualquiera que este registrado en este foro.
La idea es ver como les podemos apoyar con la #comercializadoragt a seguir haciendo negocios virtualmente,
Que es la #comercializadoragt segun Forbes:



NetSquared Community Call: How to Respond to COVID-19 (and an Introduction to TechSoup's new Global Director of Community)

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What does the cancelation of live events mean for your NetSquared group?

COVID-19 is forcing NetSquared organizers to be flexible. Join Elijah van der Giessen, the NetSquared Community Manager, and Susan Tenby, TechSoup's new Global Director of Community, for a recorded call about how NetSquared's leaders (that's you!) can best respond to the emerging situation.

We answered your questions like:

  • Should I cancel my upcoming events? And if so, how?
  • I haven't started my group yet... what can I now NOW?
  • Are virtual events an option? How can I use the NetSquared Zoom room?
  • What resources are available to help me and my local community work from home?

Plus, this was your first opportunity to ensure TechSoup's new Global Director of Community learns how we can best support your grassroots community work.


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