Video Highlights from #Net2van's The Digital Nonprofit Conference

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We created The Digital Nonprofit conference because after 10 years of meetups our members asked us for an event that was more “boss friendly”. A place where we could talk about digital strategy and transformation, not just practical hands-on technology implementation. But we didn't anticipate the hunger for a community-driven #Tech4Good conference. Even as we grew from 80 attendees to 225 we've continued to sell out every year. So thank you for your support! It means so much because as volunteers your encouragement is what motivates us to keep going!

The expert presenters have generously allowed us to share their slides – and we professionally recorded half the sessions, with the other half available through recorded livestream video.

Enjoy! We hope to see you at the 2019 edition of the conference and at our free monthly meetups.

The Digital Nonprofit in 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Istanbul: Sivil Toplum Buluşmaları #6

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NetSquared Istanbul inisiyatifi ve TAK işbirliğiyle, Raklet sponsorluğunda düzenlenen Sivil Toplum Buluşmaları serisinin Mart ayı konuğu Tohum Otizm Vakfı. Bugüne kadar çok sayıda başarılı kampanyaya imza atan Tohum Otizm Vakfı'nın Kaynak Geliştirme ve Kurumsal İletişim Direktörü İrem Yılgaz ile kaynak geliştirme sürecinde kampanyanın önemini ve kampanya yönetiminde dikkat edilmesi gerekenleri konuşuyoruz.

#NPTechClubATX Video Recordings by Capital Factory

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The following are links to video recordings by Capital Factory of Nonprofit Tech Club Austin programs. We wish to thank Capital Factory for providing this helpful service. If any of our guest speakers would like to obtain a copy of their presentation, contact Rachann McKnight (


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