Net Tuesday Vancouver: Visualizing data using maps and other tools

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Affinity Bridge's Mack Hardy presented at Net Tuesday Vancouver's February 2013 event about using maps to visualize data. Mack talked about maps and putting large amounts of data onto web-based maps, how to get more information onto maps, and some other ways we can dynamically visualize data using opensource javascript libraries like and

[Vancouver] Crowdfunding for nonprofits

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What is crowdfunding and why does it have the potential to become a powerful tool to help you raise money for your cause?

Crowdfunding is the pooling of resources by a group in support of a project. Sound familiar? Charities have been doing it for decades, but new tools and techniques are emerging that are resulting in an explosion of funds raised. Join Net Tuesday October 2 for a panel of experts discussing the best practices that will lead to fundraising success.


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