9 Tips for Rocking out Your Own Storytellers Team.

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Post by Mary Schellentrager and Joe Solomon, Energy Action Coalition

Over at Energy Action Coalition, we’ve had tremendous fun with bringing together “Storyteller Teams” at big events. What’s a storyteller team, you ask? It’s a grassroots team of people who are dedicated to using the power of social media to share and promote movement stories from a conference or event. We’ve had kick-ass Storyteller Teams at Power Shift ‘13 and the San Francisco Divestment Convergence, and together, these teams have reached and inspired hundreds of thousands of people.

Storyteller Teams don’t just happen on their own - they require some planning and recruiting and training and good old cat herding. Below are 9 tips (or rather, lessons we’ve learned) for recruiting and unleashing completely all-star storyteller teams.

2 examples of great nonprofit video storytelling

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Last night I attended a pretty standard nonprofit fundraising event – a fashion show at a local restaurant, complete with silent auction.

The event was very well put together, but what stood out to me most were the two videos played during the introductions.

The first was from Bottom Line. While longer than I normally recommenced (clocking in a 6 minutes 46 seconds), I enjoyed the way they immediately opened with the faces and stories of Bottom Line graduates, describing what a college degree means to them.

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