Net2 Toronto: Digital Donor Acquisition — Tips, Tricks, Pitfalls & Problem-Solving

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Slides from NetSquared Toronto's April 29 meetup. The event was hosted by Shabs and features Claire Kerr.

Here's Claire's slides from the event. Learn how to choose and leverage acquisition channels that reach the right donors. The presentation will help you design sophisticated targeting that attracts more qualified fundraising prospects across all your digital channels.

You will leave with tactical tips to apply to your 2020 digital strategy, no matter which database, content management system, fundraising tool, or email platform you're currently using.

#Nairobi: How NGOs and Charities Can Implement Budget Video Conference Software

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How NGOs and Charities Can Implement Budget Video Conference Softwares to keep activities going in the wake of COVID-19

Hosted by Jackson Gathoni of NetSquared Nairobi

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic which has literally stopped the world, NGOs working in East Africa are still required to continue with their operations and hence the need for coordination across the world. Most of these organizations have limited resources and end-up using FREE video conferencing facilities which are not reliable and easily manageable within the organization. An organization by the name TechSoup identified this problem faced by small organizations and has collaborated with major Software companies to offer subsidized softwares as software donations. Some of the essential tools that can be of help to teams working from home are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

In this video recording, Jackson shows how your charitable organization can benefit from some of these software donations as well as other tools.


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