[Net2 NFNGood] An Exploration of Photos Online

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The November meetup of the #NFN4Good Net2 Local group featured an exploration of using social sites to post and share photos. During the meeting, participants learned how to use photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Eyeem and G+ for posting event photos, community building and outreach.

17 Tips for Getting More Pinterest Followers for Your Nonprofit

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Alexa recently reported that Pinterest is the 13th most visited website in the United States and 38th globally.

As I’ve written about in previous posts, there are many ways that nonprofits can use Pinterest to raise awareness, spread information and solicit funds.

But in order to be effective on Pinterest and use it to accomplish your nonprofit’s goals, you first need followers!

New Features on Pinterest You Should Know About

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Pinterest has been busy!

Reaching 70 million users and 2.5 billion monthly pageviews, Pinterest has been growing like a weed – a very popular weed that marketing professionals should not ignore.

We all know why I love Pinterest, especially for nonprofits. My top 3 reasons:

1)     Pinterest is growing leaps and bounds.

2)     Pinterest is where women are, and women tend to give more to charity on average.

7 Creative Ways To Use Pinterest To Cross-Promote Your Business or Nonprofit

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For many business owners, social media has become an integral part of their marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter and now even Google+ have taken on prominent roles within a robust and ever-growing marketing strategy.

Pinterest, however, is still finding its way into the hearts and business plans of countless others struggling to understand the true value.

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