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NetSquared Organizer May Update: New Template for Online Events

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COVID-19 has cancelled all our live events, so we're adapting by going ONLINE. A virtual meetup is your chance to keep your group's community connections — and grow to include people who were never able to attend in-person meetups. I've been surprised by the uptake of online events — people are still hungry for community, so try your own online event on zoom.

NEW TEMPLATE: Online Events, with seven themes and free access to Zoom Pro.

March Update for NetSquared Organizers — New Meetup Registration Forms

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Big news from Meetup! They are updating the event registration form to include new fields, but this must be enabled manually.


Meetup RSVP Registration

Who attends our events? Meetup is adding extra fields to the registration process, including the fields "Organization/Company" and "Role". At Last!! Here's what it looks like:

Meetup RSVP form


January Update for NetSquared Organizers — What Does the Future Hold for Nonprofits?

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It's 2020! If you are old like me you might remember a time when the future was so bright we had to wear shades. But now that the future is here it's actually just confusing. ;-)

Let's help nonprofits find some clarity by hosting a series of events to help them decode the big changes in digital, starting with a digital marketing and technology trends meetup.

Suggested Event Topics

December Update for NetSquared Organizers

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It's the tradition of the season to share your gratitude. This year I'm deeply thankful for your leadership as a meetup host — together we're reaching more than 10,000 grassroots nonprofits.

Your work is making a real impact — in fact, according to our most recent survey, 76% of attendees find the events so valuable that they share what they've learned with coworkers. And more than 60% report that being part of the NetSquared community helps them make better tech decisions.

Thank you! In appreciation TechSoup is giving all active NetSquared organizers FREE access to our online courses. You'll get the code separately in your email. Or you can apply to become a leader now!

The Last NetSquared Event of 2019

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November is a big month for nonprofits — it's their last moment to prepare before the year-end fundraising push. So I recommend that NetSquared organizers schedule their next event before #GivingTuesday (on December 3 this year) which allows them to take advantage of the buzz, making event promotion easier!

Need help? Use the Giving Tuesday event recipe.

NetSquared Organizer Update for August: Preparing Your NetSquared Group for the Fall

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Many of us put our groups on pause for the summer, but now's the perfect time to plan for the fall. September and October are the busiest months on Meetup, so posting a strong trio of events is the best way to grow your local community.

Here's a possible schedule for your group:

September: Social Media Strategy — social media is the most popular topic five years in a row!

October: Google Analytics: Measuring What Matters — tracking conversions is vital for fundraising success.

November: Giving Tuesday: Year-End Fundraising Campaigns — leverage the energy of the global #GivingTuesday campaign, which is on December 3, 2019.

NetSquared Organizer Update for June 2019 – Two Popular Google-Themed Event Ideas

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Almost everyone has Google Analytics installed on their website... but do they know how to use it to track goal conversions, rather than vanity metrics? The Measuring What Matters event template makes it easy to host a workshop.

And once your members understand Google Analytics the next challenge is applying and setting up Google Ad Grants. Help local nonprofits use Google's $10,000/per month donation. It's available in 52+ countries, but most organizations aren't using this free marketing tool.

May Update for NetSquared Organizers

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For many nonprofits it's almost the end of their fiscal year – that's why this month's suggested event is Finance and Accounting for Nonprofits. Quickbooks and other accounting topics are surprisingly popular – every year it's the most attended webinar from TechSoup, with more than a thousand RSVPs. It could be a hit in your city too.

May Updates


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