Reflections on the 100 Day Challenge

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We’ve now come to the close of the NetSquared 100 Day Challenge (April 18 -- July 31, 2012) and I’d like to share some reflections about the experience.

The Challenge had its roots in the Global Leadership Council (GLC) meetings held here in San Francisco last Spring, which resulted in a series of six commitments designed to translate what the NetSquared team heard from GLC members into concrete actions.

The 100 Day Challenge, Day 10: NetSquared Vision

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In her post last week, Laney Strange introduced the NetSquared 100 Day Challenge -- a set of six commitments we’ve made to our Global Leadership Council (GLC) and the NetSquared community that will move our work forward in a big way. Today on day 10, I’m pleased to report significant progress on Challenge #1: NetSquared Vision.

The NetSquared Vision: Clarity and Purpose

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