[Net2 Philly] Using Social Media to Connect and Strengthen Local Communities

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While national issues can dominate the airwaves, it's dialog at the grassroots level that impacts you and your local communities the most. All politics might be local, but what tools can you use to change your community and communicate more effectively with your neighbors? How can we use social media to strengthen a community and effect change? Philly Net Tuesday featured organizations that use social media to do just that.

[Net2 Toronto] Social media week (now!) + Datafest

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2 things you should know about: Social Media Week and Datafest.

Social media week Toronto is on now! There are a variety of events, loosely tied together, on topics related to social media (not just social good/nonprofits, though there are sessions on that too). Some of the events are already full but many are also still open.

Find out more:

Le CR: Social Media Surgery pour le DD - Comment créer une stratégie de médias sociaux

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Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

Les rencontres WiserLocal ont recommencé la semaine dernière à la Ruche avec le premier “Social Media Surgery” – il s’agissait d’une soirée de partage et d’entraide en petit groupe avec une vraie étude de cas 'en live' pour mieux apprendre comment créer une stratégie de medias sociaux.


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