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Online Events from NetSquared: November 26 - December 19

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Here's your regular roundup of online #Tech4Good events from NetSquared and TechSoup.

Apps that Address Food Insecurity

WHEN: Monday, November 30. 12:00 PM PT


Join our next apps for good demo event with Infoxchange, Feeding America, CauseLabs, Postmates, and Propel, as they demo their apps that address food insecurity.

Online events from NetSquared: October 28 - November 5

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TechSoup's TechTips Digest

WHEN: Wed, November 11, 9:00 -11:00 AM PST


Online conferences can be boring — but not this one! The mini-conference features 10 lightning-fast talks that distill an hour's worth of material into 20 minutes, so you're only getting the good bits.

Topics include tactics for creating more content, tips for crowdfunding campaigns, productivity tools for nonprofits, and more.

Online events from NetSquared: July 28 - August 13

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Our #Tech4Good community is here with some amazing educational webinars and events — but first we need your help.

The overlapping crises of 2020 are reshaping the way nonprofits operate. How is your nonprofit responding to our rapidly changing world? Share your needs with funders and our philanthropic partners on the TechSoup Survey:

June 17 - 27: Meet the NetSquared Organizers (+ 11 grassroots webinars)

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NetSquared's transition to online events during COVID-19 has been bumpy, but one happy outcome is the chance for the leaders of our 120 meetups to collaborate. In our first special global event 12 NetSquared organizers share their favorite digital tools for nonprofits.

Each tool demonstration lasts just 5 minutes. There are no slide decks — just rapid walkthrus of innovative tools to help you be more effective. This event is designed for experts and newbies alike.

June 4 to June 17: Connect With Your #Tech4Good Community

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COVID-19 continues to cancel our traditional in-person events, but we're still here to help nonprofits use technology. NetSquared is unique because we have leaders in 40+ countries, so there's almost certainly an event in your local language and time zone.

Upcoming Events

Here are just some of the online conversations hosted by NetSquared and our parent nonprofit TechSoup.


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