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#KualaLumpur: 2019 Technology Trends from @anyitomizayi

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2019 Technology Trends

Cybersecurity - nonprofits will start to develop cybersecurity policies.

Impact measurement - This trend is about learning to use evidence-based approaches to understand how our interventions have (or don't have) an impact on our communities.

Design thinking - Our organizations are increasingly thinking outside the box to design new and scalable interventions to society's challenges. The startup world's techniques are increasingly seen in the sector where buzzwords like Agile Methodology, User-Centric Design, Iterative Prototyping, and Design Thinking have started to fly. What does this trend really mean? Just that we as nonprofits should build new services in collaboration with our communities.

Feedback loops - Feedback loops use immediate data collection from surveys and other tools to give staff an almost real-time understanding of how they are doing. When used well, we can understand how even small changes to our services improve or negatively impact our communities and shift course immediately.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) - It's not sexy, but with the constant threat of account compromise, nonprofits around the world are struggling to implement the one thing that really works. No matter what software you use, make sure that your logins are protected with a one-time-use code (OTP) from a text message or mobile app.


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