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How to Prevent the New Gmail Inbox From Hiding Your Emails

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Recently, I was forced to change my email inbox.

Reluctantly (grumbling all the way), I accepted the new design of Gmail. The new inbox creates three tabs and filter emails according to where Gmail thinks they belong – Primary, Social and Promotions.

I had already spent countless hours setting up filters and labels to correctly file all of my emails the way I like them. Needless to say, the new inbox was not a welcome change.

[Net2 Toronto] Engaging Your Email List And Measuring Results

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This post was originally published on TechSoup Canada and is written by Kristen Scott.

Your nonprofit’s email newsletter is one of the most important and direct methods of communication you have with your supporters. But how much time do you spend thinking about how to create a really great newsletter experience for your readers?

The NetSquared Boston survey promotion emails

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When I first began promoting the NetSquared Boston community survey, we had very few responses. I realized that:

  1. I was burying the calls to action within longer messages (our biweekly updates)
  2. The calls to action needed to be more entertaining

Here are the emails that led to a higher response rate:

E-mail #1

Want a present from NetSquared Boston?

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