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Relationship Science, Open Data Fund, Knowledge Security, Data Visualisation & WebScaleSQL #DataDigest

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This week learn about relationship science, the upcoming open data fund and views on how knowledge security could help the big data revolution. There is also news about collaboration for the modernisation on MySQL and insight on how data visualisation could better articulate performance.


Big Data Applied

How big data can help nonprofits raise more money

DataViva, GovLab Academy, Crowd Data, Big Data Ethics Council & Chinese Open Data Platform #DataDigest

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This week check out DataViva, a great new data visualization tool for Brazil, find the correlation between Big Data and Crowd Data and learn about the Data Module at the GovLab Academy. China's first open government data portal is also launched and an ethics committee for Big Data is formed.

Open Data Applied

A Brazilian State Takes Open Data To Another Level

Open Data Directory, Barriers to Open Government Data and a Distributed Data Supply Chain

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This week's data digest features plans for an Open Data Directory and attempts to understand barriers to open government data. Some great examples of how open data is transforming journalism are also featured and thoughts on the need to build a distributed data supply chain is expressed.

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