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Relationship Science, Open Data Fund, Knowledge Security, Data Visualisation & WebScaleSQL #DataDigest

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This week learn about relationship science, the upcoming open data fund and views on how knowledge security could help the big data revolution. There is also news about collaboration for the modernisation on MySQL and insight on how data visualisation could better articulate performance.


Big Data Applied

How big data can help nonprofits raise more money

Data Currency, Data Science for Charities, Data Tools, Data as Code and Data Privacy #DataDigest

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This week read about how data science is helping charities, a new data visualization tool, donor data privacy, the similairities between data and code as well as how data has become the new currency.

Nonprofits and Data

How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets

Data Privacy, Big Data in Education, Modernisation of Open Data & Aid Data #DataDigest

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Is the use of data for development a conflict resource? Read views on data privacy and possible solutions this wek. There is also interesting insight into new ways of engaging in the open data world, an example of the use of big data tools in education and opinions on the applicability of US International Aid data releases to the African development needs.


Data Privacy

Data Privacy Fears Grow, Is Big Data Truth? and The Global Philanthropy Data Charter #DataDigest

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This week data privacy fears abound, some Big Data myths are discussed and a Global Philanthropy Data Charter progresses. Students in San Francisco put big data to great use by mapping crime in San Francisco and a call for more empirical analysis of OGD initiatives goes out.

Open Data Executive Order, Nonprofit Explorer, Big Data Weaknesses & Data Privacy - #DataDigest

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Some big news this week as President Obama further commits to opening up government data by signing an Executive Order. ProPublica also launched Nonprofit Explorer based on IRS tax return data that was recently released and discussions revolve around the weaknesses of big data and the need to improve data privacy.

The State of Nonprofit Data, Disaster Response, Data Privacy #DataDigest

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I've summarise 5 diverse data related news items making headlines this past week! Read about U.S. Open government plans and recent European Parliament data privacy reviews. Also featured is a report on how nonprofits use data and views on the use of big data for resilient disaster response.

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