#Net2Houston - Own Your Data (or it will own YOU!) - Data Management for Nonprofits

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By Dhruv Khattar, NetSquared Houston Organizer

Are you a nonprofit leader often struggling with (or tiptoeing around) questions of how to manage your data, wondering why you're collecting all this information that doesn't tell you anything, or simply wondering what people mean when they talk about "Information Management" and whether it's worth your attention? Read on...

#NPTechChat: How Data Is Fueling Social Change

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#nptechchat Data graphic Join @TechSoup, @Datakind and @plus_socialgood for the June #NPTechChat chat on how data is fueling social change. A TechSoup Global project, #NPTechChat is a new monthly Twitter-chat series for social change activists that’s focused on reducing barriers and increasing impact using technology around the globe. Thanks to our marketing sponsor, +Social Good.


Data is a tremendously powerful resource with the potential to move the needle on tough humanitarian challenges. The same algorithms and techniques that help companies boost profits can help social change organizations increase their impact. However, many organizations aren’t taking full advantage. Go beyond using data for simple counting and reporting – use it to change the world!

Learn how data science can help your organization improve its decision-making and advance your mission. Come ready to ask questions and share how you’re using data to make an impact!



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