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Rebooting a Group

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Somehow I stumbled across the NetSquared community, there was a call for new leadership in my city, Melbourne.

I didn't know about NetSquared, so hunted around a bit on the net and read a few stories.

One of the things that has been missing in my long association within the nonprofit sector was connection to other ICT professionals, ways to explore new technology and to be able to talk with others about the barriers that keep coming up for small NFPs.

3rd Annual Electronics and IT showcase

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Fund Africa Inc. is a Social Enterprise that promotes Entrepreneurship through Technology and Research (Fund Africa-Raising Grounds).

The Fund Africa’s annual Electronics and IT Showcase Event is aimed at bridging the gap between technologists with end users and also acts as a platform for showcasing new innovations that apply for the case of Africa.

Co-organiser meet-up on the Gold Coast

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imprending storms, gold coast by paul bicaThere is nothing better than sitting down, face-to-face to enthuse with other community organisers about things like nonprofit technology, running dynamic meetups and the state of the world.
Add to this a beach vista, ocean breeze and warm temperatures. Then throw in Australia’s largest nonprofit technology conference.  

[#Commbuild Tweet Chat] Growing Your Community: Hacks for Finding Your Tribe

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Commbuild tweet chat - May 7 2013

I’m gonna host a #commbuild chat on May 7. You should join us!

TOPIC: Growing your community: hacks for finding your tribe
DATE: Tuesday, May 7, 2013
TIME: 1–2 PM ET/ 10–11 AM PT

Starting a community can be daunting, and growing it can be even harder. How do you grow your group so that it isn’t just you talking to an empty room? Because THAT is demoralizing! :-p

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