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#NPTechChat: Civil Society Under Threat - September 1, 2015

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#NPTechChat CivilSociety

#NPTechChat: Civil Society Under Threat

Join @TechSoup @CIVICUSalliance and @plus_socialgood for the August #NPTechChat Twitter chat on the closing space for civil society. Around the world, civil society faces a range of challenges to what we commonly hold to be basic civil rights from the freedom of assembly to freedoms of expression.  These challenges, themselves manifesting in a variety forms from the bureaucratic to the violent, are being met by citizens and organizations coming together to craft solutions in order to move forward.

CIVICUS, a global alliance of civil society organizations, is leading the effort to highlight these challenges and offer solutions. But what are these threats? How do they differ from Africa to the Middle East, from Asia to the Americas?  What are the different solutions being offered in response? What can the nonprofit sector do better to protect civil society?

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