Boston: Upcoming Events in April

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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your nameAre you interested in sharing your knowledge at RootsCamp MA this week? How about participating in next weekend's Cleanweb Hackathon? Or would you like to join the 501 Tech Club for a happy hour? Check out our list of upcoming meetups in Boston.


NetSquared Boston Promotes International Development Hackathon

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By Paula Cohen and Kat Friedrich, NetSquared Boston 

ID Hack was a 28-hour hackathon on Feb. 22-23 organized by Harvard Developers for Development and the MIT Global Poverty Initiative. It brought together talented hackers and NGOs from the greater Boston area to work on projects that will make an impact on international development. 

Tech & Social Change Baltimore: Mobile apps for Baltimore Heritage and Parks & People Foundation

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Is your organization thinking about creating a mobile application? Tech & Social Change Baltimore's December meetup shared two case studies on the development of mobile applications for nonprofits. A huge thanks to organizer Kate Bladow for blogging about the event.

Note: this has been cross-posted from Kate's original post on the meetup group.

The NetSquared Boston survey promotion emails

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When I first began promoting the NetSquared Boston community survey, we had very few responses. I realized that:

  1. I was burying the calls to action within longer messages (our biweekly updates)
  2. The calls to action needed to be more entertaining

Here are the emails that led to a higher response rate:

E-mail #1

Want a present from NetSquared Boston?

Red bow

The NetSquared Boston community survey

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Because of my experience in marketing, I've always targeted NetSquared Boston's activities to fill unmet needs in the local nonprofit tech community. This winter, I invited our members to fill out the following survey. Here are the question and the responses:

If NetSquared offered these resources, would that be useful to the Boston nonprofit tech community?

Skill sharing (one-on-one) 
4 votes (27%) 

Skill sharing (small group) 
12 votes (80%) 

6 votes (40%) 

Job fair info 
0 votes (0%) 

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