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PoweredbyData, Foundant Connect Open hGrant, Sloan’s Data Science Program #DataDigest

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This week learn about new nonprofit data initiatives, PoweredbyData, Foundant Connect and Open hGrant. The opportunities of data analysis for the sector is also discussed along with data projects that the Sloan Foundation is supporting.


Data and Philanthropy

Ajah Launches Non-Profit Initiative, PoweredbyData

Thick Data, Lean Start Up Philosophy, Funding Data, Gov't Open Data Roles, DATA Act #DataDigest

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In this issue the learn about the value of "thick data" vs "thin data" and the US government's "Lean Start Up Philosophy".  The Foundation Center and OECD team up to make funding data available and 4 open data roles for government are highlighted while the US Senate approves the DATA Act.


Relationship Science, Open Data Fund, Knowledge Security, Data Visualisation & WebScaleSQL #DataDigest

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This week learn about relationship science, the upcoming open data fund and views on how knowledge security could help the big data revolution. There is also news about collaboration for the modernisation on MySQL and insight on how data visualisation could better articulate performance.


Big Data Applied

How big data can help nonprofits raise more money

Big Data Mistakes, Data Strategies, Crowdfunding & Data, Digital Civil Society #DataDigest

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This week there is reflection on the small data errors that persist with Big Data, and it is suggested that Big Data is ushering in a "new Darwinian moment". Some insight on data driven strategies for the social sector is given while the state of digital civil society in China and Brazil is highlighted. Best practice for crowdfunding that incorporates data is also explained.

Big Data Assessed

Big data: are we making a big mistake?

Data Analytics Revolution; Open Data & Private Sector, Data Entrepreneurs and Data Ethics #DataDigest

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This week learn about the data analytics revolution, the way that open data is being used by the private sector to increase revenue and how open data entrepreneurs are stirring where no data exists. There are insights on how data and stories flow in today's information ecosystems and the ethics of data use by civil society is be explored at a conference later this year.


Data Analytics


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