#17NCT4G Recap

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The 8th Annual NCTech4Good Conference held June 6-7 at The Solution Center in Durham was the best yet!

Networking Happy Hour


Check out the posts made throughout the conference with photos and video assembled at Storify.

Presentation slides and shared attendee notes have been added to the session descriptions linked from the schedule.

What folks liked:

  • The camaraderie and networking with like-minded individuals.
  • The stream of useful information and links to resources!
  • Easy flow of the schedule on Tuesday–good combination of content and networking.
  • The presenters had time to give in depth answers to questions from the audience, and that was “gold” for me.  How often do you get the opportunity to ask a professional in a certain field for specific advice for free?  And, the presenters and attendees generously shared their expertise.  I felt genuinely and warmly supported.
  • The venue and location are top notch! And I appreciate there is a conference devoted to NP tech.
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