NetSquared Shared Values

We ask that all NetSquared organizers agree to the following as part of their participation:


Organizers should demonstrate the character and values espoused by TechSoup. These include:
  1. Transparency
  2. A commitment to building the social, technical and economic capacity of civil society actors and local communities

Offline Community

Organizers are asked to host free or low-barrier monthly meetings on topics related to technology and social impact that are open to all interested community members. 

Online Community

Groups must provide an online space to encourage membership, content sharing, and public visibility. We cover the cost for organizers to use and ask that they create an organizers page on These online spaces provide a way for groups to elevate their profile online while enabling the NetSquared team to integrate ongoing community feedback into our program development efforts.


We ask that NetSquared Local organizers share their activities with our staff and global community by:
  • Responding to brief surveys throughout the year and providing an annual report of their group’s status, membership and activities.
  • Highlighting local events as a featured activity on and via our blog.
  • Surfacing innovative tech-for-good projects that emerge from your NetSquared community.
  • Keeping their group page on up-to-date.