The project -
VoteGuard is built based on mobile and web technologies to help with the monitoring and vetting the election results as conducted and reported by the Electoral commissions in Nigeria and beyond.

Our vision is to pioneer the service of mobile video with text enabled application for election monitoring in Nigeria. 

Unique features of the project -
VoteGuard mobile will be able to capture few minutes of video as announcements of election results are done. It would also allow users to include text to the videos and to the web platform.
Voteguard would aim to improve transparency of election results and promote the ‘voice’ of ordinary citizens.
Based on trusted users that can be verified, results can be collated from the posts and serve as an evidence to measure against announced results.

In summary, VoteGuard would:

 Initially work on smartphones and other handheld devices which support java
 Record videos in compressed formats
 Capture text which would serve as feedback
 Push content to web portal
 Allow time-stamping of areas where results are posted from. (geographical mapping will be added in the future)
 Allow users to query reports of different formats

Unique/special elements of the project

• Hold sessions with civil society groups/political parties to promote the solution
• Pilot solution in next LGA elections in Nigeria to test its effectiveness
• Link app to social media sites like facebook, twitter etc
• Promote solution through web advert on popular web platforms starting with Nigeria’s popular web platforms such as NairaList.