Share your pictures with the world and get to see where in the world people share common interest as yours. tagMap automatically tags your interests on the world map. Comment and socialize as well as receive notifications on live tile!!

To see pictures of your interests, search for categories and tags. You can create your own tag also.

tagMap enables users to upload pictures and associate it to a category, tag and the user location (automatic). The distinguishing feature of the application is that it allows a user to tag pictures on a map based on the location coordinates from where pictures are uploaded. The pictures posted are searchable and visible to the public. Search can be narrowed down by choosing a category and a tag. The goal is to create a public social platform to share and discuss common interests, hobbies, events etc. A Facebook login is required to access the application. Based on the location of interest, the user can see the pictures uploaded from that location. The user also has the ability to view all pictures for that tag irrespective of location. Some noticeable points are:

1. The categories are pre-defined by the app and the user has the ability to sub-categorize them by creating a tag or use tags created by others.
2. Users can comment on any picture and delete their own comments.
3. A user can delete pictures posted by them. A user can also report any inappropriate pictures posted by others.
4. Live tile pictures are displayed on the application icon on the start page.

Differentiating Factor

In other social networking app, it is required to be friends with the other person in order to interact on social interest/issues. tagMap serves as a platform to share and comment on interest pictures posted by anyone in the world. Also, the auto geolocation tagging feature automaticlly tags the picture to the location which gives a user context on the location of the interest.

Examples on how to use this app for social good

1) Students can post pictures of their educational subject and teachers/tutors/people can help answer them by uploading/clicking the picture of the answers to the question pictures posted by anyone. This could become a free platform to help students who can not afford high tution cost all over the world.

2) Spreading the word on the cause - People from around the world can raise their voice and spread the word about an issue/concern on tagMap by uploading/clicking pictures of the subject. Users can socialize and comment on the pictures.

3) Interest Sharing - Anyone from around the world can now share their common interests and know where in the world someone shares the same interest and socialize.

Future Goals/updates to the app

1) A feature to upload videos in addition to the pictures will be added

2) To extend the ecosystem, we are working on building Windows phone app for the same

Windows Link to the app