STARLIMS Crime Capture Lite App

With the “STARLIMS Crime Capture Lite” app you will be sure to capture the scene and close the case.  STARLIMS Crime Capture Lite is used to document a crime scene with items of evidence organized within the location from which they were collected.  Text fields and drop down menus allow the investigator to quickly capture other important scene information and the GPS feature can be used to auto-populate scene address.

Create a new crime scene file and document the scene with audio, video and photographs using your mobile device.  Photos can also be imported.  Each scene worked is represented by a thumbnail displayed chronologically on the homepage for easy identification.  Within the case file document additional details such as offense, agency, agency case number, weather conditions, and additional remarks. 

Create sub-locations within the scene to further identify evidence collection points.  For example, if a crime is committed in a home the investigator may want to create sub-locations such as bedroom, kitchen, patio etc. to clearly show where the items collected were found.  Information about the evidence items is recorded including disposition.  

Separate tabs specifically configured to document vehicles, bodies (including autopsy details), and persons involved make data collection fast, easy and streamlined.

Finally, generate a “Collected Items” report.  This report includes basic scene details, listing of evidence items, suspects and victims, and a place to record chain of custody transactions.

Download today to see how STARLIMS Crime Capture Lite can help you capture the scene and close the case.