This app provides latest worldwide earthquake information to the users from USGS sources in easy to read format. It provides guidelines on how to preapre for an

earthquake and displays latest earthquake News information. The user can click on any news heading to goto the News detail page.

Latest Earthquakes:
Users can click on this button to navigate to the Earthquake Page. Once on the Earthquake Page, they have option to view earthquakes by Past Hour, Past Day, Past Week,

and Past Month. Earthquakes are classified into following categories based on the magnitude.
a) High - From magnitude 5.0 and above
b) Medium - From magnitude 3.5 and less than magnitude 5.0
c) Low - From magnitude 1.0 and less than magnitude 3.5

The users can use "pinch" gesture (Two or more fingers touch the screen and move closer together) to see the total earthquake count by category.

This app allows user to share a specific earthquake using Share contract by Email.

Users can sort the earthquake information by Magnitude (Descending) or Time (Descending) by clicking the Sort button on the Bottom App Bar. They can press the Refresh

button to refresh information on the screen.

This app allows users to customize following two settings:
a) Push Notification Magnitude Setting - Allows the user to control minimum magnitude settings for "Push Notification" events.
b) Display earthquakes Setting: Allows the user to control what magnitude level earthquakes they can see on the screen.

In App (Paid) Purchases:
We offer an in-app feature purchase within this app. Users can purchase "in-app feature" to enable following features within this app:
a) Disable Advertisement - Advertisements will be disabled.
b) Enable LiveTile Functionality - This app will display major earthquake information on the Tile. The tile is refreshed every 30 mins. This allows the users to get

latest earthquake information (M3.0+) on their Tile without launching the app.
c) Enable Push Notification - As soon as the earthquake information becomes available on the USGS site, we will send you Push Notification based on your magnitude

settings (M4.0 and above).

We provide 5 days trial of above features.

•Displays latest worldwide earthquake information from USGS sources
•Displays earthquake details by category and on map
•Displays latest earthquakes on Tile
•Notifies user in realtime about recent earthquake using Push Notification
•Displays information on how to prepare for an earthquake
•Displays latest news about earthquakes