Saturday Hack 4 Good

Project Update 09/26/12:

We warmly invite your participation at a conference call this Thursday 27 Sept @1pm to discuss ways to build a series of community conversations and hackathons based on what we learned last weekend. 

Here are the details for the call: 

* Thursday, 9/27/12
* 1:00-1:30pm PST
* Call-in: 866-740-1260 (passcode 6339369)



1. Saturday Hackathon 4 Good Recap (5 mins)

How’d we do? Well, we TSG folks had a fabulous time. But assume we look at the Hack4Good series in (3) buckets:
 + Surface projects and ideas.
 + Organize people around projects that emerge
 + Unleash: resources towards projects and build momentum to carry them forward.

2. Questions for Discussion

#1: Hackathon Events as a Series
Assumption: There’s not enough time in one afternoon to get everything done.
Key questions:

  • How can we leverage the momentum and connections from event #1 to #2, #3, and beyond?
  • Who is well-positioned to (1) organize, (2) resource, and (3) host events?
  • How do we make the next ‘hackathon’ a hackathon?

#2: Getting Youth Involved
Assumption: We need to validate our approach to app youth development, ideas, and projects with youth sooner vs later.
Key questions:

  • How can we bring youth along in a meaningful way?
  • How can we ensure we’re developing for youth and not ourselves?

3. Next Steps

  • Capturing and propelling outputs from Saturday’s event
  • Shaping and organizing the next event
  • Shaping the flow: lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight ways to join in

The Original Project Update:

TechSoup Global is hosting a Saturday Hack 4 Good!

Inspired by the Social Good Summit and Hackathon beginning the same day in New York City, our Saturday Hack 4 Good will bring together community leaders and developers interested in the potential of building apps 4 youth.

Whether you’re a hacker, designer, nonprofit representative -- or someone with a great idea for creating innovative apps for good  -- we’d love for you to join us. There will be lunch, beer and prizes.  Just bring your good ideas and your laptop!

Here are the key details:

  • Time: 11:30am - 6pm
  • Date: September 22, 2012
  • Place: 525 Brannan Street, San Francisco
  • Register here. It's free!

Workshop Outputs:

Outputs from this workshop will inform future program activities around the globe, including app development, curation and distribution, hackathons, and grantmaking.

Topics For Discussion:

  • Who are the emerging youth leaders and how can we help amplify their vision within SF and beyond?
  • Where are the demonstration projects others can learn from?
  • What’s missing from the current apps ecosystem that we might be able to address as a community of practice?

Easy Next Steps:

  1. Showcase Projects. We’re looking for showcase projects to present to the group. If you or someone you know is working on apps that help build the capacity of youth populations, please contact bbicket AT
  2. Need more details? We welcome you to join a community conference call to discuss agenda items Wed 19 Sept @ 12pm pacific (Readytalk: 1866.740.1260 pword: 6339369) and any agenda items you’d like to surface.

Join us and let’s hack for good!


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