Outbreak Watch

Outbreak Watch provides real-time status and alerts for multiple diseases of concern for public health. Developed by AgileMedicine, Outbreak Watch monitors public Twitter feeds for key words related to specific disease concepts designated by the National Library of Medicine. After processing within the Outbreak Watch neural network, Tweets are measured as a positive or negative hit and geolocated based on information within the Tweet and the user’s profile. Trending information is generated in real time, while processing over 5,000 positive Tweets per hour. Tweets are also scanned for alert terms to provide additional information about potential outbreaks and pandemics, giving users access to a global “alert index” for emergency preparedness.

This system provides a wealth of data to local, national, and global health agencies. On request, additional API access can be provided for further analysis of health-related Twitter data. Run on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Outbreak Watch is almost infinitely scalable to handle any size of outbreak. For more information, contact us at info@agilemedicine.com.

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