Our Finest Hour by The Software Entrepreneurs Club

Welcome to Our Finest Hour, a Volunteer and Donation Management application for the world. This release of Our Finest Hour allows you to apply to volunteer with, or donate to, two Century High School clubs. As we add partner organizations, you will be able to use Our Finest Hour to apply for volunteer and donation opportunities with other schools and non-profit organizations.  Please install our Windows 8 app here.

Currently, you can use this application to donate goods, services and, of course, cash to these clubs at Century High School.

This application currently provides the following limited set of capabilities:

  • We can advertise volunteer opportunities for our club and our friends,
  • We can advertise donation requests for our club and our friends,
  • People who want to volunteer to work with us can register and log in,
  • People who want to make a donation can register and log in,
  • People who want to represent a partner organization can register and log in,
  • We can externally connect with potential volunteers, donors, and partner reps thru their provided contact data.

This application is the first product of The Software Entrepreneurs Club (the SEC), a high school club at Century High School, in Hillsboro, Oregon (USA). Our membership is fluid, with almost 50 students on our roster, but our day to day participating membership floats around 25, with new students joining and old students finding other interests on an ongoing basis. We see this as a good thing, because we realize that students lead very busy lives and we are structured to support them as well as we possibly can, but we do rely heavily on a core team that makes the SEC a top priority on a regular basis.

Our core team is a very dedicated set of computer science students, with a handful of smart marketing students joining us to show the computer geeks how to start and run a business. Teamwork across the traditional engineering/marketing boundary lines is essential to a successful software startup company and we are working to breach these boundaries a bit earlier than most folks currently think is possible, with some very good results to date. We have 5 small software development teams, with additional roving students, acting as marketing, quality assurance, language translation, and documentation resources, available to each of the development teams on an as-needed basis.

Our student membership is learning how to create their own software startup companies by going thru the process of creating a real software company as a club. Our team members are learning how to Conceptualize, Design, Develop, Test, Market, Sell, and Support electronic products in the ever evolving global marketplace in which we are soon to be competing.

Our first goal for Our Finest Hour is to create a sustainable software company that produces enough annual revenue to fund scholarships for our team members. Our Finest Hour will provide that revenue stream, maybe not in our first year of business, but we have faith, lots of helping hands (and minds), and a very good work ethic going for us!

Which leads us to what we need from each of you...yep ?, we want you to volunteer to help us by using this app! In order to have a good place for nice folks like you to volunteer to help folks who need help (sounds kinda redundant?), we need the following to occur:

  • Schools need to contact us and request to use this app to manage the people who want to volunteer and donate to their schools,
  • Non-profit organizations need to contact us and request to use this app to manage the people who want to volunteer and donate to their causes,
  • Background check companies need to contact us and request to work with us, because schools need you to verify the goodness of folks everywhere,
  • Folks who want to volunteer need to register with us and tell your local schools and non-profit organizations about us,
  • Companies (near and far) who want to make donations to schools and non-profit organizations need to sign up to work with us.

We hope you enjoy using Our Finest Hour. You never know what totally new and exciting features we may have some day!