Mobile Watch

Mobile Watch

Mobile Watch is an application to report and monitor non-emergency problems in your community such as graffiti, vandalism, potholes, damaged sidewalks, broken streetlights, damaged street signs, dangerous intersections, abandoned vehicles, etc.

Problem Definition

I believe two of the biggest reasons why people does not actively engage on civic issues, it's that we do not really know who or where to report a problem, or what is the entity in charge of resolving certain issues and we do not have or know any tools to aid us with that.

Mobile Watch solves both issues by letting someone else be in charge of routing the issues to the correct city departments and local authorities for resolution and aiding the citizens by providing them with tools and controls to report issues on the spot and automating the whole process in a device already known by them.

The whole experience becomes something like: "I see an issue, I report it, I see when it gets resolved; I feel good" without worrying about the details of the resolution itself and that is when the engagement really happens.

Mobile Watch currently provides the following features:

  • Reports are automatically routed to city departments for resolution.
  • Mobile Watch uses the phone’s GPS to automatically identify the location of the issues.
  • Monitor and track the issues you or someone else reported until you see them resolved.
  • Ability to upload a picture of the issue.
  • List and search watch areas from people in charge of letting the local authorities know about the issues.
  • Issues can be submitted world-wide. 
  • Multilingual (currently English and Spanish are available.)

Features scheduled for the next release:

  • Changing the status of a reported issue (when the problem was fixed for example.)
  • Display issue history.
  • Ability to add and view comments to existing issues.
  • Social integration with mayor social platforms.
  • Speech recognition reporting.
  • And more.

Sustainability and Economics

Mobile Watch is powered by a third party Application Programming Interface (API) from a well-established company founded back in August of 2008 by very talented people. The backend infrastructure is managed and administrated by this company.

Mobile Watch is free, but to be able to maintain it and to keep providing exciting new features in future releases, advertisement is displayed on the bottom of the screen. In order to keep a great user experience advertisement is non-intrusive and always in the same place, avoiding distractions and unintentional actions.

Download Mobile Watch now for FREE and become a proactive citizen by participating in taking care of and improving your neighborhood and community!

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Mobile WatchMobile WatchMobile WatchMobile Watch

Mobile WatchMobile WatchMobile WatchMobile Watch