I Wanna Puppy

There are too many dogs available for adoption and more coming everyday. As a family we foster puppies and take care of them (sometimes bottle feeding) until they get adopted into their Fur-ever homes. This application will help you view the dog near you that are available to join your family and brighten your life.


I Wanna Puppy uses Petfinder.com data to allow users to search for dogs in your area and nationwide for adoption.
Users can filter by Breed, age, size, mix and sex.
Your location is used to determine your zip code. This allows us to display the dogs closest to your location.

•Retrieves your location
•Search for dogs by Breed, Age, Size, Mix and / or Sex.
•Displays up to 3 pictures of the selected dog, if available.
•Allows you to share the picture of a selected dog with others through email or other shared applications.
•Your settings will roam to other Windows 8 devices if you login with Windows Live Services.