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Application For Humanitarian Development Sponsorship and Partnership


Development Innovation Venture Opportunity
                            NEW IDEA
Morne-A- Bruler, area of Haiti is a new, safe marketplace facing great development and income with charity settlement organization that is working for companies or donors agencies to expand, sell products or grow up their business within the community. The organization  came with this idea and as primary asset of people healthcare services delivery as remote zone which  would be an access  to draw all the other profit business .However, the  investors or companies are encouraged to support and create a working business relationship with the organization so that they can exploit all the available resources. Study reveals that through the healthcare services center the investors will get a great return either the community produce self resources as to consume, launch new project  or run the social or partner activities. Our current vision is to submit projects and work corporately with the potential investors, companies or donor agencies   so that positive changes can happen .Haiti is full of social problems. But ,solutions is to use innovative strategies projects and join organizations that are able to provide Healthcare services, eductation,foods assistance and build houses for the homeless and hundreds of other amazing things to improve their community needs.
The creation of a Social Healthcare Center or Services would be our first innovation to help companies or investor setting up any other businesses and also created employment as well as a School in the community would contribute to promote the emancipation of the education in the country and a source of come back for professors, even a great income or return for the investors and would even bring real social change in the community. An exchange of daily habits between professors and pupils. Global Vision Over Haiti Today has been providing  Humanitarian assistance but, due to lack of means, financial resources and materials our mission is strongly impossible to accomplish. However, January 2010, a while after the Earthquake the organization runs without support and since then unable to reactive our programs because we have no organization and any supporter company. A long before January 12, 2010 Haiti was a poor country. The remote Zones have no health care center and not even the existence of a Medical Clinic.
Our Clinic has been devastated and reduced in dust with all the documents and materials. The hunger is very alarming, Life of everyone were regretful. Global Vision Over Haiti Today’s Mission is to help developing, restoring pre-earthquake, underprivileged areas and those who were devastated by January 12, 2010 Earthquake So, the main Goal is to associate our organization to an international company organization as lessor  in order to help us accomplishing our vision .

As an international context that equates to the point , good governance, democracy and respect for human rights, the right to health is unquestionable legitimacy. In international society, the right to health as human right, was solemnly consecrated in 1946 by the constitution of the World Health Organization whose preamble states that "the possession of highest attainable standard of health is able to achieve is one of the fundamental rights of every human being regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic status or social ".
The right to health is defined as "all the provisions, statutory or otherwise, regulating the promotion and protection of health, equitable distribution of available resources and the status of all parties involved, such as patients, providers, institutions and funding agencies'

According to the social system and humanitarian commitment, new criteria are needed to define equity as needed, from which it follows
immediately that the aid should be given preference to the poor and needy. Most countries are now a humanitarian principle of the idea that health care should be regarded as a human right, and standing out clearly from the old elitist for that health care was the preserve of wealthy, able to pay
Economically, improve health status can lose fewer days of work and lengthen the working life.
Direct effects of care on economic activity are obvious and important; double the need of a hospital
The role of the hospital
The hospital aims to support patients and contribute to their health and well to answer all distress of all citizens, whatever their age and income.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today is an humanitarian organization registered to the Haiti Social Affairs and Labor Ministry Department with number  : STC-06767 and the fiscal  employer ID number is : 000-  603-225-1.     Global is committed to partnering with other charities and corporations working to improve the delivery of Healthcare, Foods ,Education to the most abandoned poor areas in Haiti   and  creating shelter for the  orphan children.
The interested organizations, companies, investors or volunteers are encouraged to fill the form so that we can expedite, qualify your partnership and add you to our  programs and project database.
     Contact Information and Privacy Statement
Due to the fraudulent and scam mail and other crime that are currently running all over the world  and in order to keep a safe  business contact exchange privacy with only the concerned investors,
partner  organizations or companies. we’re, strictly  required in the early stage or first time to use the online form   as to contact , mail any queries  or  discuss about any agreement till the applicant confirm   our site visit for  the development investment.
   We  welcome the concerned investors, or else representative for our site visit   as we would be rather meeting them physically before qualify the partnership application. we are carefully and restrictively conducted business arrangement to whom we will deal with. So, in that point Without  scheduling a meeting appointment or confirming our site visit. we are  unable to keep on drawing out communications neither engaging with any contractual agreement

The interested  companies , organizations and individuals who are seeking development partnership opportunies in Haiti  for their organizations   required to get a recommendation from Daniel  Joseph at the above mentioned email address

      Mission Statement
Global Vision over Haiti today is a private, nonprofit Humanitarian organization founded on April 15, 2006 .Global’s mission is to provide consistent help, support to the poor and quake victims people living in diverse abandoned rural and urban communal areas of Haiti. Global organization has been specifically encouraging and offering  training programs, implementing social cohesion to the Haitian community and aims to provide free education to adults and children (orphans) provides food and supplies to reduce starvation; creates shelters and support for the homeless. Build a Medical Center, allowing medical aids and supplies to be readily accessible to everyone. In order for Global to reach its vision and transport its mission towards reality, Global is in great needs of international finances sponsorship/nonprofit corporation agreement, donations products  from various companies, international agencies and voluntary organizations (individual volunteers are encouraged to provide support and services to Global). This wealth of support and encouragement will seriously aid Global organization in making a sincere difference to the conditions of people lives in Haiti.
Organization History
Daniel Joseph the Founder of: Global Vision Over Haiti Today Saw the Area of: Morne-A-Bruler Haiti was abandoned without educational opportunities and in poor health conditions. For the longest time there was no organization that came into that area to help. Thus in 2006, Daniel Joseph pioneered the nonprofit organization Global Vision Over Haiti Today.
The goal of this organization was to provide free healthcare, shelter, educational assistances and food to this area of Haiti. Daniel manages and oversees development in diverse urban and rural areas of Haiti but needs support and sponsorship in order to accomplish this great vision. Using innovative strategy requirements for project rehabilitations together we can restore the abandoned areas of Haiti.
                                  Global Vision Over Haiti Today has been manually created roads to facilitate the development and established a Medical Mobile Clinic in October 2007. This clinic has been offering free medical services and doctor consultations. It has been servicing the people of Haiti twice a week for over 4 years.  The clinic holds training seminars on how to maintain good healthy living and listening to people’s general grievances. Prevention against illness Cholera, Malaria, HIV and Aids. Another service the medical clinic offers is the delivery of essential medicines to sick people.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today established a school by the name of Fundamental School in October 2007. This school offers underprivileged children the opportunity to learn and take part in educational programs and activities. There is a high focus on developing children and establishing a Christian training program. The fundamental School offers the children books and resources, qualified teachers, opportunities for parent teacher meetings.  The Fundamental school feeds the children breakfast and lunch, involves them in social and community projects, provides information on housing orphans, and creates awareness about youth drug abuse and addiction.

Morne-A-Bruler in Haiti is the most deficient in the supply and availability of Health Services is affected with high risk of contagious diseases, high infant mortality rate, etc. There is a close relationship between the levels of fertility, mortality and nutritional status of mothers. The evaluation of the nutritional status of women’s reproductive age is essential since it allows to identify groups at risk. The absence of Health Care Center in the diving population is an answer to the death of a sick child, a pregnant woman who has a pain of childbirth and accident at night. Morne-A-Bruler, due to the remote location remains abandoned and forgotten with regards to basic services since its existence and is not accessible in other words there is no means of transportation, electricity being embraced with poverty there is a high rate of not only health problems but, illiteracy, homeless and starvation. This deteriorates the health conditions of the vulnerable and with existing economic condition; lack of food worsens the situation. Many children suffer from malnutrition due to the precariousness of the economic situation after the passage of the disaster Earthquake Haiti. Let’s Analyze of someone who is living in Morne-A-Bruler Haiti, unable to move and requires medical assistance or urgency. The only means that exist is a stretcher that is made by two pieces of wood and not really comfortable to carry sick people. And as a remote Zone that require 9 hours walking on foot to reach to a medical clinic.. The situation of pregnant women and children age 0-5 years and older remains scandalous, threatening and frightening in Morne-A-Bruler, Haiti.
The  international agencies, companies, organizations are invited to help building a Medical Center that would facilitate  reduce the diseases and child death rate, the obsolete Methods(Practices) archaic of childbirth as to cut the navel with a razor blade that may developing the tetanus’ illness at the child.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today (organization) has mission long ago to contribute improving the lives citizens of this area but, needs support in order to accomplish this great vision.
Morne-A-Bruler,Haiti Due its remote location remains forgotten with regards to basic services since existence does not has access to transportation and electricity. The impassable roads plays a role in the precarious situation of the inhabitants. This deteriorates the Health condition of the vulnerable people and with the existing economic condition, lack of food worsens the situation.
  They may a home but no house to live, they may have a roof but no bed to sleep, being embraced with poverty there is a high rate of not only health problems but also starvation and illiteracy. Note that Health problems such as infant mortality, malnutrition and deficiency problems are high in rural part of the country Haiti. With regards to women of child bearing age nutritional status and high fertility rate major cause of concerns.

In  Morne-A-Bruler Haiti, the conditions of sanitation  remains a challenge for the population, one of many problems in theme of health is the absence of latrines and healthcare services. Most of the inhabitants of the community urinate / excrete  on the roadside  of households or in bags and after throw them anywhere.The night soil left uncovered, cause diseases such as amoebiasi that peopple can catch directly or indirectly from one to another or in the contaminated food and water . The pigs who thrive on night soil are the  most common cause of human excreta drop all over the place which is carried  infections of  trichinosis,trichurias , safaris ... etc. These diseases are most often affected by communication via fly, wind, dust, shake hands etc. ...
Thus, the construction of Public latrines and  HealthCare Center seems urgent and essential for the inhabitants  of Morne-A-Bruler community in general, as building latrines will contribute towards stopping the spread of these diseases to the population, the wind can no longer lift the dust and dried excreta to contaminate food people. The pollution  and the health condition will improve.
         GVOHT aim to improve the people living conditions of the community and seek for support to build a Medical Center and Public latrines in the village of Morne-A-Bruler,  preventions have been taking against the disease, but due the lack of Healthcare and Latrines  facility  each  raining season the  rate of the diseases are increased in this community
General Purpose
Improve the living conditions of the people in the community in theme of Health, environmental, educational, housing and alimentary (feeding)

-Have A Social Health Care Center Settlement(Building) within the community and Public Latrines,  enough   human resources,   Medical materials or Accessories with Personnel Staff Available   to keep on functioning the Health center
-Have a shelter building for the Staff and Personnel workers
-Eradicate Malaria, Tuberculosis and all the other contagious diseases in the community
-Reduce infant mortality,  child death rate, the obsolete Methods(Practices) archaic of childbirth in the community  as to cut the navel with a razor blade that may developing the tetanus’ illness at the child.
-Conduct a public awareness campaign on how to prevent the spread of illness one to each other
-Drugstore Market Settlement Facilitation with Medicines  near by
-Set a food stamp office and Store within the community
-Feed the hungry
- Have  Shelters for the orphans and the homeless
-Provide free education assistance to the underprivileged children
- Have diverse Roads  and bridges Construction made with the Population.
-Conduct Conference with the Sponsors, or the donor agencies and carry in new suggestions for diverse developments  and work corporately

-community work strategy for the poor people  and  economic  improvement
-Youth full scholarship for the community comfort

   Titles of the Projects and Programs
Duration and Starting of Programs and Projects Date
The program or projects duration will be 5 to 10 years or more. The projects starting date will be lauching or scheduling upon  the signing   agreement   and grant approval till the final report. There will be projects short  and long term

  Project Medical Center,  Community Schools , Public Latrines Construction of Morne-A-Bruler
  Project Roads and Bridges Construction  of Morne-A-Bruler
 Project Building Construction of Church Conference of Morne –A-Bruler
 Project Building orphans and Homeless Shelter Construction of Morne –A-Bruler
 Project of the foods Stamp for the Hungry of Morne-A-Bruler

  Project installation of irrigation pumps of Morne-A-Bruler
Project of Setting Public and Purified Water Tanks of Morne-A-Bruler



        The Population of Morne-A-Bruler has around 40.271 inhabitants, 2003), after the hurricanes Jeanne in 2004, Ike, Anna in 2008 and in January 2010 earthquake that damaged all the roads , agriculture,  properties and loss of life. In spit of all, there is nothing yet done to prevent the spraying of diseases or recovery  in this community.  If there  is no intervention made to solve these social problems, the population will be completely disappeared. To overcome these problems, GVOHT took the initiative to develop such  projects, which will benefit   of Morne-A-Bruler , Paulycienne Haiti and their neighberhood communities



To promote the agricultural production and farming  of Morne-A-bruler and giving to farmers a loan  or cash for the  farming campaign to purchase of  horses  ,cows and goats to improve the agricultural or farming system of the production.

The purpose of  installation irrigation pumps  of Morne-A-Bruler areas  is to improve agricultural and the production system

Promote agricultural production and farming  of Morne-A-Bruler  while creating the irrigation service in the community.

The project to promote agricultural production and farming through of Morne-A-Bruler , is an initiative that will help improving the economic situation of people Morne-A-Bruler ,Haiti. The great asset of such a project will be under the basis of a partnership between key organizations involved in agriculture. In order to perform the enchancement, ensure an economic and  independence in the productive field or area.

This project is justified and designed to make a contribution to `improve the system of farmers productivity  of Morne-A Bruler  by  lending people funds  for years. Once when we know that agricultural production improving from the combination of factors and means of production such as land, capital, labor `s work, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides .... It will contribute to reinforce of agricultural and economic activities to all areas of this community
Through all the communal sections shops are almost in agricultural inputs existed. The `agriculture is usually practiced with seeds derived from a` mass selection carried out by farmers themselves. The result is often misleading because of expected production  is not always satisfied. In addition, farmers not use  fertilizer , the reason is that the cost of acquisition including `transport is too high. So farmers cannot afford to make these applications and active this project.
               Main Purpose
 Reduce the price of products to the market since production will be interesting.

 Reduce the rural exodus by a motivation to practice the agriculture.
 Increase the income of farmers who does not have savings cash to meet  with any kind of needs.
 Improving farming in the community  by making produces between  economic races  and the native race.




Rehabilitation and construction of primaries, secondary and professional of  Morne-A-Bruler,Haiti

Support project for raising the quality of basic education of Morne-A-Bruler,Haiti

In the intervention of  Community and Public Schools that the Haitian government has funded for fifteen to thirty (15) 30 years. These schools have been destroyed by the Haiti Disaster Earthquake, now their  student(pupils) are all over the place without access or any opportunity to go to school.Due to the economic crisis, the Haitian Leaders has no  available funds to re- establish the schools and have  basic educational services in Morne-A-Bruler,Haiti . GVOHT in the areas of intervention, aims to set up the educational quality  with foods stamp in Morne-A-Bruler, Build an schools that have diverse  educational services,  administration having a first aid room, a secretariat, management, washroom  and a water tank facilities , which will be contribute  to the underprivlige children.


• Longer-term Objectives
 Protect Downstream the population living in the Community of Morne-A-Bruler  and Paulycienne
 Improve living conditions of most vulnerable people in the area.
 To eradicate diseases and poverty  of Morne-A-Bruler and in the area Paulycienne
 Provide a consistent healthcare services and other human assistances
 Protect roads and agricultural downstream of Morne-A-Bruler  and in the area Paulycienne
 Create  suitable spaces
 Provide of school materials
 Improve the educational requirements  for the students in the area and surrounding communities.
 Strengthen and improve the health environment of neighborhoods of Morne-A-Bruler  and Paulycienne

 Planting 15 acres of land in fruit tree cuttings, grass and wildings seedlings. To increase coverage of the vegetable area.
 Plant ha of land in fruit tree seedlings and wildings.
 10 ha of land will be sown in forest trees to increase green cover in the area.

• Long term Objectives

 Reduce the rate of  damages for the next rainy season in property and human lives.

 Reduce the risk of loss of lives and property.

 Invest funds into the neighborhoods, through the creation of long and short term or temporary jobs
       Benefit of working men and women, which should ease the economic situation of families.
       The organization  will create About 30 long and short term or temporary jobs  and hiring about 8,566 people. The employment generation could be  increased depending to the Sponsors or Associates Agreements. The organization will remain  in the agency shoes for any update that might be required or to follow up on the said project.

 Strengthen the capacity of beneficiaries to be able to ensure the maintenance of latrines and work In protecting their environment. It is understood that this project is a community initiative.

 Strengthen the perfomance systems of  the Agricultural
 Create local conditions that able to support and respond with the community needs .
 Reduce the vulnerability of the system related to the external packaging supply completely.
 Revaluing local varieties
 Encourage Community planters mind grouping and organization
 Increase the employment rate
  Mobilize local human resources
  Improve working conditions of farmers
  In five to ten years after the project rehabilitation, we must acknowledge the economic stability of the beneficiaries, the damage reduction or demission registered, well built and functional institutions,
Terms or through executions of programs and projects

Human resources "indications of qualifications and experience, levels of responsibility"
Upon execution of this program, we will use experienced managers of internal organization. Among which we have doctors,nurses agronomists, agricultural technicians, master of the Counter, Teachers, etc.. They will have responsibility and they will be assigned to their area of intervention.The Recruitment of unqualified staff will be done from vulnerability class and on the basis of their expertise in their field of intervention.

• Realization Awareness  Meeting
     The steering committee will organize various meetings with the board of the section (CASEC), Ministry of Education, the mayor of the town and the people concerned to inform them of the various steps involved in implementing the project. Local authorities and the population will thus be brought to greater ownership of project activities. At least one (1) monthly meeting will be conducted with local authorities in order to share information on the progress of the project.
• Purchase of tools, materials for the execution of this program
• Training sessions will be conducted for staff skilled and unskilled.

The training sessions will be supported by specialist staff in the educational field, Agricultural and breeding and in the field of construction.
    The recruitment-hiring unqualified personnel will be as follows: the most vulnerable people in the area and those qualified (skills) will be recruited through the organization. In case the organization does not have this framework, it will have a test for the candidate before recruiting.
                                    Works Execution
A team work of differente sectors:Physicians,Nurses Agronomist Engineer, Civil Engineer, teachers, agriculture technician, will be mobilized to carry out the work. The steering committee will detach resource persons who will be the responsibility of oversight and control sites. The work will cover  5 to 10 Years ..
            The acceptance of work by the administrative authorities

• The Steering Committee will hold a ceremony for work delivery  and achieving to the local authorities. The administrative committee will be in charge to establish the works procedures and standards

                             • The training of cellules-maintenance

• The  people who direct the daily management of completed works will be entrusted, will receive an orientation enabling them to discharge their responsibility effectively. At least 10 people will benefit from this resource orientation session on the technical management  of these works.

This program will be implemented over a period of five to ten Years or more from the date of first to last day of the new 5 to ten years.
Morne-A-Bruler , Haiti
3rd Section Communal de La Vallee de Jacmel, South East Department
The field of Intervention: GVOHT ORGANIZATION intervened in: Medical, Education, food, shelter, agriculture,  breeding and service environment

  Presentation of program content
- Project  of  Social medical Center/Public Restrooms, (Treatment of gullies and sub watersheds and environmental protection
- The project of Credit and  agricultural and farming support
- The Educational Projects
-The project of Roads and Bridges Construction
-The Construction of Public Purified Water Tanks.
-The Project of Pump irrigation and installation


List, description and various stages of execution "calendars" activities

GVOHT,s mission is to reduce the amount of  diseases and eradicate poverty in Morne-A-Bruler,Haiti
1) The realization of meeting information for local authorities
2) The  realization of meeting information with  population members
3) Identification of project sites
4) Purchase of tools and seedlings
5) Sessions of training for skilled workers, Controller, team leaders, the

6) Hiring
7) The Work
8) The acceptance of work by local cellules training and maintenance. The intervention strategy completely based  on an active method, emphasizing  and mobilization of affected communities in order to have project rehabilitation by the community. The realization of this project will contribute to the diseases and poverty reduction  at the 3rd and 10 section communal in South East Department in Haiti(Morne-A-bruler and Paulycienne) . At least fifteen thousand (15,000) households will benefit the work which they mobilize direct beneficiaries before six month or of  a(1) year period 


           Projects will be implemented for the benefit of disadvantaged communities, people of  Morne-A- Bruler 3rd section Communal de La Vallee de Jacmel and  area of Paulycienne Bas Coq Chante 10 section communal de Jacmel,Haiti and other neighborhood section of South East Department etc. more than twenty and thousand (20.000) indirect beneficiaries, and sixtheen  thousand (16,000) direct neighberhood, these figures correspond  for each project to be executed. In  labor wage  we hire the households consist of poor families with difficult access to basic needs, because of their precarious economic and social situation.


  The Coordination of the organization:Global Vision Over Haiti Today /Vision Globale Sur Haiti D’aujourd’Hui is in charge to make the following strategies for program  and projects feasibility:

Authorities Strategy are involved

     During of the implementation of these projects, The local authorities will be acknowledged of this involvement strategics, communication of local "mayors, Asec, Kasec .." in the various activities to be undertaken. They will be executed in close collaboration with the community authorities. The involvement of groups  farmers and beneficiaries in the area of the project intervention.
Recruitment Strategy
     Whenever possible, service providers will be recruited from the local population, or others persons well know in the the area so that the project will have the capacity to generate benefits to beneficiaries for a long term at the end of external financing.


       Micro-economic impacts of projects / indicators:

On the Micro plan, the projects will enable families to resolve certain problems regarding  the healthcare services for sick people, the payment of school fees for children, food and housing habitat post earthquake acquiring agricultural inputs and equipment. They also allow farmers to recapitalize and increase their means of purchasing

         Macro-economic impacts of projects / indicators:
A mass of money will circulate  and stimulate investment in the agricultural sector (agriculture and Breeding), environment and the education sector where an increasing volume of agricultural production and intellectual, a reduction of pollution will have a positive impact  in the Community of  Morne-A-Bruler and Paulycienne

         Environmental impacts / indicators:

In themes of the environment, using the thresholds built with dry stone by the roadside and in gullies, there will be a reduction in the volume of runoff and encourages infiltration of water into the groundwater. An increasement of vegetation cover at the sub watershed area. With the construction of latrines will be a reduction of pollution of groundwater and air. The community will be protected and functional.

          Social impacts / indicators
The project will occupy much of the time of the population and facilitate the reduction of crime in the area (theft of stuffs or animals), products of the harvest will decline gradually in the area). All this will happen with creation of many jobs in the communities. They also allow people to have access to basic social services.

   Mecanism  Monitoring  and Evaluation

An evaluation process will be activated to monitor different aspects of all projects during their execution. For works to be performed that will depend structures of oversight, the assessment will be on the viability of works during their realization or after the economic improvement. Thus, a comprehensive assessment is planned to measure their impact on community beneficiaries . This assessment will be based on measures indicators defined above and those who follow.

Morne –A-Bruler Neglected and Targeted  Section in Haiti

Morne –A-Bruler  is a communal section of Haiti located in the department of Southeast town of La Vallée-de-Jacmel. It is important to note that the town of Valley whose capital is the town of La Vallee is composed of   following section communal : Muzac, Ternier  , Morne-a-Bruler and  Paulycienne neighberhood section

Morne-A-Bruler peaks at about 800 meters altitude,tends on mountainous perspectives beauty, showing on one side, deep gorges that looks can not fully embrace and, the other below, the green hills studded with houses countryside. Because of the altitude, it relatively enjoys a  temperate climate. The population of Morne-A-Bruler  engages largely in agriculture. The main products, food and more food, fruits are generally and, in particular, the different citrus varieties. Delicious mandarins in the region are known for their finess. Rural areas over a hundred households.

Socio-economic aspects

Morne –A-Bruler  is a very neglected communal section of the country. In fact, people cut down trees to make charcoal. They live in a very precarious economic situation they practice rain-fed agriculture, which has many risks. All expenditure on education, health, food based on the performance of agricultural products that are often deficient due to erratic rainfall. Even drinking water quality does not exist in this section. Women who are 55 to 60% of the population have no income. In Haiti, particularly in rural areas there is now a tendency to trivialize exclusion and violence against women. This trend is much more pronounced in families, schools, churches, associations, groups and institutions. This situation of marginalization and exclusion of women in the areas of community activities has significantly slow the process of development, progress, and community transformation. Women are pillars in decision making, planning and management to local sustainable development.
In this section affected by underdevelopment, the population is concerned about the poor state of health. Only a few people have access to health care. The population in case of illness goes to the city center which is about 4 hours away. About a quarter of children suffer from malnutrition. Deficiencies in vitamin A are noticed. Deliveries are complicated and cause eclampsia, sepsis and abortions. Fever, filariasis, meningitis, diphtheria are some diseases that affect the population
On the other hand, children, especially those under five years of age are more susceptible to the consequences of malnutrition than adults. They suffer especially protein deficiency, which are the most common forms marasmus and kwashiorkor, deadly diseases encountered in all countries development, particularly Morne –A-Bruler. The infant mortality rate is very high at the section, specifically among the most disadvantaged families and young teenage girls who are pregnant or adults involuntarily and that their father abandoned to the care of their mother or their grandparents . These children are malnourished because powdered milk is very expensive and the parents do not have enough resources to buy.
After the earthquake of January 12, 2012, the peasants of Morne –A-Bruler face many socio-economic and environmental. Hurricane Isaac came worsen the situation in the community. The living conditions are very poor families. They lost their agricultural, cattle heads and their homes are  damaged and this are burden the schooling family budget. As Immediate consequences for the academic year 2012-2013.
There is a small school in the section that runs beneath arbours covered with palm leaves. When it rains these schools can not function, and students are forced to stay at home until the work space where the classroom is dried up.
Worse, in the department of South-east schools have no infrastructure and are devoid of all materials. In these schools, classes over a hundred students to one teacher. These conditions can not implement a quality education..Moreover, it is difficult to give homework and correct exercises, and even` regularly assess pupils' prior knowledge. In fact, the buildings become insufficient to raise `s other children at school. This day, these schools find it difficult to assert its legitimacy and benefit from material conditions. Teachers in these schools receive miserable wages between 750 and 1,000 gourdes per month and do not get pay regularly.

Environmental aspect
From an environmental perspective, Morne –A-Bruler differs from various other parts of the country by the importance of its vegetables covered. It is quite dense in areas of valleys, foothills, and even at the mountain peaks. The majority of the cultivated land area are in general area foothills and mountains where the natural vegetation has been destroyed for the benefit of cereal crops and food. Culture is sometimes on steep slopes where floods recorded after rainfall intensity cause some adverse effects on agricultural production. Annual losses due to erosion are estimated at several thousand dollars per year. In addition, agriculture has often been challenged by several Storms orcyclones. However, it is to point out that after agriculture, charcoal represents a potential source of income generation at the communal section which will lower shortly considerably the level of soil fertility and also the performance parcel. This situation is almost irremdiable today, since there is no structure plan and environmental protection for the area.

The agricultural sector
The agricultural sector is essential to the economic development of Haiti. It is the predominant activity in Morne- A-Bruler yet faced a variety of constraints. In Haiti, executives and technicians are regularly invited to propose solutions to increase agricultural production to better meet the food needs of the country.A good food Production will nourished the population, especially in the cities, and reduce food imports, is the primary objective. Commodities have export quality and quantity sufficient to obtain foreign currency to the national economy is the second goal.
Systems of agricultural production  to Morne-A-Bruler  are determined by the combination in space ,time and resources available plant and animal production. Three agro-ecological units have been identified in this section: the hills where the slope exceeds 35% very often, the foothills and the flat areas formed by the alluvial deposits. Cropping systems are characterized by crops.
The main crops are met: Food crops (potato, Corn ,cassava, malanga, mazanbelle, but beans, yams, sugar cane and others)
The system of livestock
The farming system is characterized by the absence of large herds. The races are usually faced breeds called "peyi" or "Creole" that have not been crossed with powerful breeds to improve production. The low number is due to the systematic slaughter of the Creole Pig in the years 1980-1983. Private veterinary clinics or animal health workers, the section is powerless to problems confronting the region in terms of animal health. Traditional methods are doomed to failure and cause the reduction of livestock. Yet it would be possible to reduce these losses through regular vaccination campaigns and training. Livestock has a particularly important role in the agriculture. Its presence is a constant almost all family farms. Its interest lies primarily in the opportunity it provides to make additional income or savings to cover major expenses or unforeseen.
The live stock is mainly constituent by:
a) Cattle: they are used to produce milk and  litters to raise livestock. Cows give litter  birth  a year and sometimes two litters every three years
b) horses: they are particularly used for the transport of people and goods
c) goats: they are easily mobilized savings.
d) The birds are actually a good source of protein and income for families (eggs, meat)
Basic infrastructure,
Road network
The road is dirt, impractical even for animals or residents especially during the rainy seasons. The transportation system is a handicap for the business section. Road communications are very difficult between localities. Walking or transport on animals back are very common.
Drinking water and sanitation
People  walk down unsafely to gully or Hill  for the collection of  unpurified water to use  and this situation has a negative impact on the time available for productive activities of the population. Families are constantly exposed to the risk of contamination by non-potable water and poor hygiene practice.  In Morne-A-Bruler, the sanitary conditions are very precarious, There is non-existent sanitation and health services on site are not sufficiently equipped to do water testing and even treat diarrhea and multitude of health problems that causes water. Water is life in a community. All countries must concentrate on water Service Treament  so that we can exploit. A Morne –A-Bruler  there is no point of  purified water capture, people get their water from springs and sometimes directly into rivers ,gullies or hills
In conclusion, the analysis of various parameters of both the external environment and external conditions of the farms in this section to highlight bottlenecks or constraints that prevent the main socio-economic development.
Among others,
• Lack of water: farmers practicing rainfed agriculture in effect and are therefore subject to the whims of the seasons. However, the rainfall is highly irregular in time and space.
• Unavailability of inputs: inputs are not found there, For lack of storage facilities, farmers are forced to pay large sums for the purchase of seed markets.
• Lack of technical support: low productivity of agriculture practiced is also due to the lack or absence of supervision. The area itself does not have a system of agricultural extension, no credit, no training for operators. Waste products after harvest, by no means of storage or processing.
Faced with these uncertainties, the Population has assets or  strengths that should not be neglected:
The establishment of savings and credit, agricultural input shops, storage facilities, environmental education, training and supervision of farmers, improving pastures by crossing with other species breeds better performance.
In the secondary sector the lack of road infrastructure that would facilitate the transport of goods to market is a huge problem for Morne-A-Bruler. On the tertiary development of his potentialities such as RARA and 4 ball held outdoors could promote the development of tourism.
Aware of the seriousness of the problems A Morne –A-Bruler, the Association ........ A few community projects undertaken, including a medical clinic, food food and a primary school. The Communal Section is essentially characterized by the residential mobility of families from Port-au-Prince after the earthquake. Births, infant and maternal mortality are very high as the rate of illiteracy. The unemployment rate is officially unknown, although the figure most often cited is about 80%.
Priority Program of the organization is to deliver services and monitor for specific vulnerable groups such as children, youth, women and farmers. So we would also supervise a large number of young boys who are tired of staying in the street and young mothers who live in the street with babies so they can enjoy a professional and become responsible for their future family. Under these conditions we work with a lot of difficulties due to lack of material, financial ...
And little known small town far from the main development machine. There is no shortage of appeal even if it has no basic social services .Therefore an emergengy call for help launching to the international organizations ,companies or any indivual  involved in human society or  right to sponsor in developing or building a primary school, secondary, academic and professional center as well as one health center to provide care to Morne –A-Bruler ,Haiti etc . and why not one hospital to avoid  people go to the capital (Port-Au-Prince) for healthcare.

The interested  are re requested to visit the website for more informations or contact the direct below addresses


                     Phone Number: 011 (509) 3864-8162



A) -Social   Healthcare   Center /Public Latrines $ 10,000 000

$ 50,000
-Workers, Personels and Housing $ 1,000 000
-Materials  and Medical   supplies $ 2, 500 000
-Electricity    $ 600,000
-Purified waters  Shopping $ 50,000
-Water  Pipping Filter(catchment):
Project Agricultural/ Farming and Settlement of irrigation pumps: $ 1, 000 000
$ 5,000 000
Tractor, Garbages Truck and Drivers    $ 200,000
-Material trucks And Personel   Cars Transportation $ 250 000
-Roads  and Bridge Construction    $ 3, 000 000
-Orphan  And  Homeless Shelter Construction
$ 500,000

Educational Project                      $ 1, 000 000
B) Employees And Staffs  Salary                                  $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Communications                 $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Foods   Assistances and   Delivery   to the Hungry     $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Classes and Students Materials  $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Teachers       $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Full scholarship Youth finances studies for the comfort  community  $ Contractual   Price N/ A
Peasant economic development  and works  strategy
  $ Contractual   Price N/ A
C) Contractual Price Total  $ 10.000.000




Grand     Total of the  ProjectS     Estimated   Cost   in US $ A+B and C = $ 35,550.000
Please note that the international supporters or agencies are feel free to join us as  humanitarian partener development to help handling and executing these projects  by work segment till the completion. The interested donors are expected to help with whatever $ amount they can because the community is in great needs