Global Environmental Issues

This app is a compilation of some of the major environmental issues which are threatening the very future of the Earth, and our existence. We have attempted to highlight these global environmental issues and their impact on our lives. Our main emphasis is to familiarize people with these issues and also explain how various environmental issues are inter-related.

We have made an attempt to educate people and draw their attention to some of the global environmental issues which are not only going to affect us but also our future generations. We have also provided charts and quizzes on some of these environmental issues. Time is running out for some of these issues and soon we will have to surrender to them. Therefore, it is prudent to be aware of these issues now and start working on reversing some of the harm that has already been done. We as an individual can make a difference if we start following the simple solutions mentioned in this app. Each and every person has to share the responsibility of saving our planet.

There are several other issues which our planet is facing today and are not just restricted to what we have described in this app. Issues like resource depletion, problems due to environmental degradation, genetic engineering etc., have continued to surface on every other day. Information related to these issues will be added during our future updates.