Impact on "social good": Fewer GreenHouse Gases!!!!!!

My Free app helps to make people more aware of alternative fueling solutions around them. By doing this it is my hope that people will be more willing to buy alternative fuel vehicles and reduce emissions around the world. Helping to prevent Smog, Acid Rain, the Green House Effect, and Polution in general. And on a "closer to home" note, motorcycleist wont have to breath as much emissions either, which will mean healthier people too :-)

Solution Sustainability (economic, maintenance):

My app does not require a big economic investment to maintain. I made the app in my spare time with my own funding. As far as future maintenance goes, it will be simple to add more databases that it can search against to provide access in countries around the world. I am currently resaearching different databases to expand the reach of the app, and with user input, the app can reach to every corner of the globe.

Solution Design and Innovation:

I will let the app speak for itself in this are, but I believe it is both innovative and beautiful :-)


Problem definition:

Green House Gases are destoying the atmosphere, I believe that of more people were aware of the alternative fueling resources around them they would be  more willing to switch to an alternative fuel vehicle. With this belief in mind I created EcoFinder.

EcoFinder uses the NREL database to locate all of the alternative fueling stations near you, or the location you specify. You can look for Electric charging stations, Hydrogen, Natural Gas (Liquid and Compressed), Propane, Bio-Diesel, and Ethanol.

Tap a station pin on the map or on the list and see details of the stations. From the details you can call the station, add them to your contacts, or open your default navigation app to take you there, all with just the push of a single button.

If you rotate your device to a landscape view the UI will switch to Augmented Reality (AR) so that you can experience the app and the world around you in another awesome way.

You have the option to only show the fuels that you are interested in and how far away you want to look. You can include private stations, recommended (car dealers are private but have public access). You can also see planned stations, but I would not advise going to them until they are opened :D.

You can change the way your map looks by setting features under map settings, Dark/Night mode, 3D view, Pedestrian features, and the default view of the map.

You can also set the application to open to the map or default to the list view.

More features and options are planned for the next release, and lots of improvements, especially to the AR screen.

This app only works in the United States at this time. But I am looking into ways to expand to other countries.