A Mancala style board game as played in East Africa.
The main objective in the game of Bao is to steal all the seeds from the opponents rows, by stringing moves together and ending in an empty pit opposite the seeds you want to steal. The game supports both pass'n'play as well as computer opponents at different levels. Two different game variations are included.
I created this game after being fortunate enough to visit East Africa on my honeymoon. While there, we visited a small village in Malawi, and the kids there taught us this game.
The people of Malawi are truly amazing, but unfortunately they don't have much, and struggle with poverty and taking care of their amazing country and wildlife.
This game is my attempt to give back to the people who touched our hearts with what I do best: Writing apps.
The more you play this game the more this app makes through ads, and the money is donated to an organization that works on improving the lives of the people in Malawi.

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