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Philanthropy’s Data Boom, IATI, Big Data Trends #DataDigest

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This week features a lot of news about data for social benefit, as data starts taking centre stage in philanthropic efforts. Also of interest was a review of data trends for this 2013 and beyond based a report done by Gartner, which notes that on-the-go big data accessed via mobile and tablets and real-time analytics will increase.

1st TechSoup Data Digest for 2013!

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Today data and technology services have become intertwined! At TechSoup I have been doing research on current data related projects, initiatives, reports and news as we work to help familiarise and support the not-for-profit sector in the increasingly data driven world. I'll be blogging about my  top 5 posts, articles, or reports starting today so look out for a new post each week!

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Netsquared Regional Event for Cameroon and Nigeria

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The Netsquared Regional Conference for Cameroon and Nigeria is a multi stake holder event that will bring together actors from local Netsquared groups, Internet Society, civil society, diplomatic institutions, government and the tech world to articulate on issues related to the social web and nongovernmental diplomacy. Citizens from three neighboring countries including: Cameroon, Nigeria and Central African Republic, in a two day event will seek to resolve the following challenges:

- The difficulties faced in introducing the social web for social development in the sub region


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