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Global Open Data Initiative, OpenData Latinoamérica, Big Data for Disaster Response and more...

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This week check out the launch of the new Global Open Data Initiative, the pursuit for the release and use of open data in Latin America and thoughts on open data and democracy in Africa. A list of wrong assumptions about the use of big data for humanitarian relief is pointed out and you can have a look at some of the big data presentations at the recent Personal Democracy Forum held in New York.

Data Privacy Fears Grow, Is Big Data Truth? and The Global Philanthropy Data Charter #DataDigest

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This week data privacy fears abound, some Big Data myths are discussed and a Global Philanthropy Data Charter progresses. Students in San Francisco put big data to great use by mapping crime in San Francisco and a call for more empirical analysis of OGD initiatives goes out.

Big Data: From Presidential Campaign to Social Good #DataDigest

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This week check out how big data tools from the Obama presidential campaign are now being repurposed for social good and there is also some insight into the potential and pitfalls of big data for humanitarian efforts. Examples of open government data reuse in US by private corporations and nonprofits is also highlighted and a webinar to help those that also want to use it is being hosted this month. Floodlight, an interesting data storytelling tool for communities is also featured.

Big Data Stories, Open Data on the Web & Mobile Data - #DataDigest

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If you are looking for some practical examples of how big data relates to you have a look at the data digest this week. Guidelines for publishing open data sets is also provided along with a lot of papers and research on the generation and use of data. There is also some interesting insight on the importance of mobile data.

"Moneyball" Giving, Data Philanthropy Review and "Seeing like a State" #Data Digest

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This week  the revolutionary data driven philanthropy of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation is featured and a call for beneficiary inclusion in Markets for Good goes out. Data philanthropy efforts are reviewed and advice for writing about data is offered. The rational for "seeing data as a state" rather than a donor in Africa to help answer policymakers questions is also explained.

Open Data Executive Order, Nonprofit Explorer, Big Data Weaknesses & Data Privacy - #DataDigest

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Some big news this week as President Obama further commits to opening up government data by signing an Executive Order. ProPublica also launched Nonprofit Explorer based on IRS tax return data that was recently released and discussions revolve around the weaknesses of big data and the need to improve data privacy.

Little Data & Big Data, Open Data AI and Information Justice - #DataDigest

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This week check out some interesting insight on the importance of little data for big data. You can read about why open data and charities are a perfect fit but also about why information justice is essential for open data. There is also some analysis of the link between Artificial Intelligence and open data and useful resources for anyone wanting to do data visualisations.

Open Data Helps Farmers & The Case for Small Data is Raised - #DataDigest

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This week we feature some examples of how open data is being used to help farmers as the G8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture kicks off today. Small data rather than big data is emphasized and reasons are given for INGOs failure to become IATI compliant. Examples of how open government data is being used for public benefit in cities across the USA is showcased and the case for opening up US nonprofit data expands.


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