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Open Data Business Models, Data Paradigms, Effective Altruism, Mobile Data, Big Data #DataDigest

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This week learn about open data models, the way that mobile data is driving development and how data has aided IT's paradigm shift. The concept of "effective altruism" is explained and big data perils discussed.

Open Data Business Models

Markets for Good - Open Data Business Models

The State of Open Data Worldwide, Open Data Nodes, Open Data's Value & Open Data for Development #datadigest

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In this week's data digest the state of Open Data worldwide is assessed and open data support centre launch globally. The economic potential for open data is also reviewed along with its importance for development processes


The State of Open Data Worldwide

Open Data Barometer: 2013 Global Report

Data Currency, Data Science for Charities, Data Tools, Data as Code and Data Privacy #DataDigest

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This week read about how data science is helping charities, a new data visualization tool, donor data privacy, the similairities between data and code as well as how data has become the new currency.

Nonprofits and Data

How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets

Statfrica, Lies and Open Data, Big Data Principles and Data Assumptions #DataDigest

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This week some paradoxes of big data and principles for Big Data Resilience projects are featured. StatAfrica is also launched and assumptions about data's prospects are reviewed. Difficulties underlying the use of open data are also surfaced.


Big Data Understood

Seven Principles for Big Data and Resilience Projects

(Open) Data: The New Tech-Utopia?

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Last week I attended a conference "Can Open Data Improve Democratic Governance" held in Berkeley, California. As part of its Data and Democracy initiative, The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) convened representatives from the public sector, tech industry, and NGOs to discuss the many issues surrounding open data. 

New Open Data Initiative, Data literacy, Open Data in China, Big Data Investments, Data Underclass #Data Digest

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This week read about a new collaborative open data initiative for developing countries, the importance of data literacy and open data projects in China. There is also news on the potential for those with little data footprint to be excluded from Big Data informed decisions. The necessity of understanding the value you want from Big Data before embarking on Big Data projects is also emphasised.

Open Data News

Big Data, Philanthropy, and Health at SOCAP13

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Big data is still one of those concepts that baffle me. How big does the data have to be? Where does it come from? And how can nonprofits and public libraries actually make use of it? At SOCAP13, a social enterprise conference in San Francisco, I attended two back-to-back panel presentations on big data with some nonprofit representation. Hearing directly from those working in big data for good gave some context around what's actually happening. Still, though, I had some questions around the definition of big data — and it seemed like the presenters did too.


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