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Data Analytics Revolution; Open Data & Private Sector, Data Entrepreneurs and Data Ethics #DataDigest

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This week learn about the data analytics revolution, the way that open data is being used by the private sector to increase revenue and how open data entrepreneurs are stirring where no data exists. There are insights on how data and stories flow in today's information ecosystems and the ethics of data use by civil society is be explored at a conference later this year.


Data Analytics

DataViva, GovLab Academy, Crowd Data, Big Data Ethics Council & Chinese Open Data Platform #DataDigest

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This week check out DataViva, a great new data visualization tool for Brazil, find the correlation between Big Data and Crowd Data and learn about the Data Module at the GovLab Academy. China's first open government data portal is also launched and an ethics committee for Big Data is formed.

Open Data Applied

A Brazilian State Takes Open Data To Another Level

Foundation Stats, Project Open Data, Big Data for Economics, Big Data Partnerships, Open Data Limits Corruption #DataDigest

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This week find out how open data is helping to address corruption in poorer nations, how big data is challenging traditional economic models. The White House invites contributions to Project Open Data and data scientists partner with universities to unleash the power of big data.

Open Data Resources

Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset

Calling All Hackers (for Social Good!)

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We here at NetSquared are proud to announce the beta launch of Hacker Helper. Hacker Helper is a website that helps prepare developers for hackathons by providing issue-specific problem statements written by NGOs and activists who are working on the ground to solve social problems. It also provides developers with links to relevant data sets, APIs, and other people who are working on projects to solve the social problem.

How it works:


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