Exploring new tech for the social good - Beijing Charity NGO Technology salon, China's first Netsquared Camp Nov. 10

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Over 60 participants gathered for the first Beijing Charity NGO Technology salon! Geeks, NGOs, technologists, and foundations came to listen about some new innovative technology ideas, and shared quite a few of their own on this brisk sunny Sunday afternoon. NGO 2.0's own Jianbo Li did some awesome moderating, facilitating speakers and questions and keeping us on schedule. Oracle China's Developer Community provided a couple great meeting rooms in the heart of the Central Business District. 

China's First Netsquared Camp - Sunday November 10

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A diverse group of China NGOs, foundations, techies, and tech companies are gathering to share cutting-edge tech and app case studies, from China and abroad, addressing environmental and education challenges. We aim to continue thought-provoking small group discussions, and brainstorm new ideas and solutions that address other challenges that China's 1MM NGOs and foundations are working on. Additional thanks go to Jpush, NetSquared and Oracle for event support.



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We believe digital skills and webmaking are vital 21st century skills, the fourth pillar to reading, writing and arithmetic. But we face a serious challenge in making this a reality in the kenya and around the world: there’s a digital literacy “gap.”

Youth and digital natives increasingly know how to consume with technology, but lack the skills and knowledge they need to create with it. When it comes to the web, we’re at risk of teaching an entire generation how to read, but not how to write.


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