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What's Hack 4 Good?

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Before I came to TechSoup Global (a whopping 4 months ago) I'd never heard of a hack-a-thon; and my first impression was that there was a renegade group of ninja-like TechSoup-ers supporting the hacker group Anonymous. (There isn't - I checked.) I've been brought into the 21st Century through my work with the NetSquared team and I'm excited that we're hosting a Hack 4 Good event tomorrow.

Social Media Activist Amanda Levinson Talks Tech Projects in Vermont

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Local NetSquared organizer (and social media activist) Amanda Levinson was interviewed by Lauren-Glenn Davitian on the Local Media Show in Burlington, VT about her current projects including NetSquared, Burlington Neighborhood Mapping and a new project that visualizes the federal budget. Amanda shares her perspective on transplanting from high-stress, fast-paced Silicon Valley to Burlington (where everyhting is great "except the winter.") What did she do when she landed in Vermont? She started a NetSquared local chapter! 

Narrowing the Digital Divide: A Call to Action

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To me, the true power and beauty of community-based organizing lies in a small group of individuals taking on a significant social problem and solving it for the common good. The new NetSquared platform is up and going, and I am thrilled to challenge the NetSquared community to connect with one another on solving a social problem that has everything to do with furthering the common good.

School Starts Up Again & So Does Tech and Social Change Baltimore

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Tech and Social Change Baltimore took August off, but we're gearing up for our four remaining 2012 sessions. Our next meeting will be September 6 at 6:30 pm.  Fellow nonprofiteers and community builders Sharon Paley and Andrew Hazlett from the GBTC will join us to talk about Baltimore Weekly, a video broadcast where they talk with members of Baltimore's technology community about the interesting things taking place. 

Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit Organization

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The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that, as of early 2012, 88% of American adults had a cell phone. Three out of five of those were smartphones. Yes, that’s right. The majority of cell phone users now own smartphones, and by 2013, experts predict mobile phones will replace PCs as the tool most used to access the web.


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