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[#Commbuild Tweet Chat] Growing Your Community: Hacks for Finding Your Tribe

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Commbuild tweet chat - May 7 2013

I’m gonna host a #commbuild chat on May 7. You should join us!

TOPIC: Growing your community: hacks for finding your tribe
DATE: Tuesday, May 7, 2013
TIME: 1–2 PM ET/ 10–11 AM PT

Starting a community can be daunting, and growing it can be even harder. How do you grow your group so that it isn’t just you talking to an empty room? Because THAT is demoralizing! :-p

MSP - Introducing the New TechSoup Enterprise Architecture

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This is my first blog post, so it’s only appropriate that there be some introduction. My name is Nick Bangia, and I’m the Technical Lead on the MSP Product Team, within the Community & Platform group at TechSoup Global. I’ve been in the software engineering profession since early 2008, evern since I earned my BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook’em Horns!).

Big Data's Global Nervous System, Nonprofits Using Data and more... #DataDigest

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In this week's data digest read and listen to examples of data being used for social benefit in the developing 'big data global ecosystem' and find data resources for NGOs. Also featured is the need for NGOs to disclose how they utilise private data to maintain trust.  Some advice is given on ways to help increase the use of open data by citizens and context is found to be key when analysing big data and making decisions based on it.

The NetSquared Boston community survey

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Because of my experience in marketing, I've always targeted NetSquared Boston's activities to fill unmet needs in the local nonprofit tech community. This winter, I invited our members to fill out the following survey. Here are the question and the responses:

If NetSquared offered these resources, would that be useful to the Boston nonprofit tech community?

Skill sharing (one-on-one) 
4 votes (27%) 

Skill sharing (small group) 
12 votes (80%) 

6 votes (40%) 

Job fair info 
0 votes (0%) 

NetSquared Camps Update – December 2012

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In the past year, all around the world, intelligent, technologically savvy people met up to collaborate for social impact. In the NetSquared camps, nonprofits/NGOs, developers, designers and entrepreneurs were brought into a shared space by NetSquard local organizers so they could build projects and develop  collaborative relationships.  Find below summaries of the events that took place in six locations.


#Net2Camp Europe: Social Innovation, collaboration & slash/slash!

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WiserLocal Paris recently hosted a gathering of European Net2 Organizers from Croatia, Poland, UK and France at la Cantine in Paris, a collaborative workspace in Paris for tech-savvy changemakers.

The theme of the day? Social Innovation in Europe, Collaboration and slash/slash (the slash/slash referred to the multiple hats that are worn by the many social innovators, for example"I'm a blogger/programmer/youth worker and so on...").


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