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A further idea about social networking the transition

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A day or two ago I wrote about social networking and the Development 2.0 challenge.  Actually, I had something bigger on my mind, but I needed to try a small bite first. The positive responses suggest that there's a hunger out there for something bigger.  Well, maybe this could fly with enough help... 

Whenever a new administration comes to Washington, a cottage industry springs up to produce briefing documents, sometimes called white papers, to advise the government on priorities.

Improving Advice on Development Priorities

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Hi. I just submitted a proposal to the USAID Development 2.0 Challenge called "Social Networking to Improve Advice on Development Priorities to Incoming Administration".  USAID rightly champions the principles of good governance as fundamental conditions for successful development - principles of transparency, participation of stakeholders in decision making, and access to information, for example.  I want your help to turn the spotlight back on USAID and give it the chance to bask in some governance goodness.  I think that social networking tools could help heighten the dialogue on priorities for foreign assistance in the US.

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