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Kabissa wins the Netsquared FACT Social Justice Challenge!

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Thank you everyone who voted for Kabissa Connections on Netsquared to get us into the final 15 and thank you judges who selected us to be among the 5 winning organizations to receive a $5,000 cash prize. I also would like to congratulate the other 4 winners, in particular Agricultural Marketing Information Services in Cameroon and Integrated Electonic Peace Building Project in Kenya which are both very innovative and powerful projects deserving of recognition and support. 

In a nutshell, Kabissa Connections will address trust concerns by providing a platform revealing the connections that organizations have with networks, international organizations, supporters and service providers. We will do this for organizations working in Africa while collaborating with others on open source tools, standards and approaches that can be replicated in other regions.

I am very excited to receive this recognition for an idea that has been brewing for years and which it appears we will now have the opportunity to implement. We will have more news soon over at on next steps and opportunities to get involved, so please be sure to join Kabissa and subscribe to our monthly member newsletter.

In the meantime, please help make it happen by making a donation to Kabissa. Thanks!  

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Stay In Touch With Kabissa After The FACT Challenge - Join And Subscribe To Mailing Lists

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As we enter the final hours of the Nestquared Fact Social Just (2010) Challenge, I want to thank everyone who voted for Kabissa, "fanned us up" (48 fans as of this writing - wow!) and gave us feedback and encouragement via the comments. If you still haven't chosen all 5 projects for your ballot, please consider voting for Kabissa Connections. Thanks! 

Please also keep in touch! Click here to create an account on our community website - directly on the signup form you can choose to subscribe to our monthly member newsletter, periodic Kabissa progress reports, special mailings as well as Kabissa Groups for networking and ICT Peer Learning. If you are affiliated with one or more organizations working in Africa, you can then add profiles for them to the Kabissa organization directory after you log in.  

If you don't feel like creating an account on Kabissa you can still subscribe to our newsletters at

Update on Kabissa Connections - Honored By Outpouring of Support and Appeal for your Vote in FACT Social Justice Challenge

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I have been following the FACT Social Justice Challenge and have been honored by the outpouring of support for the KABISSA CONNECTIONS project in the comments (see below) and number of fans. It appears the other African projects we support are also doing well which I find tremendously gratifying.

If you have not yet decided on all 5 projects you want to vote for and share our vision for empowering African organizations at the grassroots, please consider adding KABISSA CONNECTIONS to your ballot. Our project will help build their repuation online by revealing the many positive relationships they have with each other and with international organizations, foundations and online networks.  

Since there is no open leaderboard, please also tick the star or "add to my bookmarks" link on the Kabissa project page to help us see how we are doing. Add a comment too if you have suggestions or ideas for how you might use the platform. 

A selection of comments follows. 

List of African Projects in the FACT Social Justice Challenge this year

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I am pleased that I was able to identify 17 18 African projects participating in the FACT Social Justice Challenge this year. Out of a total of 90 submissions, that's not bad at all! There are some remarkable projects among them, and I strongly suggest that you check them out and lend your support by adding feedback in the comments.

If you could give Kabissa one of your 5 votes I would be grateful. :) Who else did you vote for? 

Kabissa champions Ipeace project at Netsquared conference next week

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I have been invited to return to Netsquared as champion for Ipeace, a featured project of the N2Y4 Mobile Challenge. The innovative project is described as follows:

Ipeace, is a safety open source mobile telephony platform and Web 2.0 platform to allow journalist, human rights activist, scientist and people to expose war crimes and human rights violation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ipeace open-source mobile telephony platform will uses J2ME code that can run on a wide range of java-enable phones. 

Casting a ballot for Africa: Kabissa, The Hub, Anti-Genocide Community,, and Maps 2.0

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I voted today.

When evaluating projects, I considered the six net2 attributes and also tried to imagine how, if implemented, they would affect the lives of Africans - and in particular the struggles of African civil society organizations to serve the needs of their communities. The projects I chose seemed to me to offer the most revolutionary impact across Africa (and indeed across the world) in part because they make creative use of Web 2.0 to leverage their impact.

Tobias Eigen Intro: He who learns, teaches (and she who teaches, learns)

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I recently got into African proverbs - now every day when I ssh into the Kabissa server, I get served up a randomly selected African proverb through fortune. The one above is an Ashanti proverb from Ghana but has a message that is probably very familar just about everywhere in the world (ok, the bit in parentheses was added by me). I like the following one too, because it makes me laugh:

"As the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.'

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