April Organizer Update: Accounting for Nonprofits and Other NetSquared Event Ideas

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Happy Easter Weekend!

April is here and many nonprofits are approaching the end of their financial year. That's why this month's suggested event topic is Accounting for Nonprofits.

Sounds boring? That's what I thought too, but Finance and Accounting is a surprisingly popular topic with TechSoup's members . Every year the Quickbooks webinar is the most attended, attracting over 1,000 viewers. I suspect your members are also struggling with their finances and could use some local help too. :-)

Event Template: Accounting and Finance for Nonprofits

WeWork/Meetup Pilot Expands to 37 Cities

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Interested in hosting Meetups at WeWork?

WeWork recently bought Meetup, which creates a new venue option for NetSquared organizers. Apply with your local WeWork location.

WeWork locations around the world will become great options for hosting your Meetups. We're currently running a pilot program through which we will match organizers to select WeWork locations – currently 37 cities are included. 

If you're interested in taking part in Meetup's pilot program, please complete the form. We'll get back to you as we continue to expand the program to more organizers and more cities.

Istanbul: Sivil Toplum Buluşmaları #6

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NetSquared Istanbul inisiyatifi ve TAK işbirliğiyle, Raklet sponsorluğunda düzenlenen Sivil Toplum Buluşmaları serisinin Mart ayı konuğu Tohum Otizm Vakfı. Bugüne kadar çok sayıda başarılı kampanyaya imza atan Tohum Otizm Vakfı'nın Kaynak Geliştirme ve Kurumsal İletişim Direktörü İrem Yılgaz ile kaynak geliştirme sürecinde kampanyanın önemini ve kampanya yönetiminde dikkat edilmesi gerekenleri konuşuyoruz.


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