How To Improve Your SEO

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SEO stands for search engine optimization and is used to refer to how highly a website ranks on search engines like google. At Phil we often hear SEO spoken about as if it’s a physical product that can be purchased off the shelf: if only it were that simple.

An SEO optimized website is essential to ensure that people googling for your organization can successfully connect with you.

Upcoming NetSquared Office Hours for Meetup Organizers

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Got questions about NetSquared? Looking for ways to build your group? Join me at one of our upcoming video chats for NetSquared organizers. (Not an organizer? Apply now!)

Recording Your Events

Want to document your event? In this discussion we'll talk about the easiest ways to record your events, including livestreaming and screencasting.

This session is co-hosted by NetSquared Chicago's Linda Stettler who will share her workflow for livestreaming her events to Youtube.


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