where's Mr. Natural when we really need him?

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Hi, my name is Chris Locke, and it is your misfortune that I'll be your host here on this Net² blog. Although there are many things to talk about as we bring this thing up -- "we" because there's a kickass team working flat-out behind the scenes -- I guess I should first introduce myself and say a bit about why I'm doing this. It's a long story, but I'll try to keep it brief. For now.

open source pros make a difference

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At the end of your rope with clueless managers demanding unreasonable deliverables in ridiculous timeframes? You are not alone, Fearless Hacker! Maybe it's time to put your skills to work part-time for people who will truly appreciate your efforts.

The recent tsunami and hurricane Katrina have heightened awareness of the need to assist nonprofit orgs that are delivering help to the people who most need it -- without the red tape and delays that can beset larger, better-funded projects. And open-source professionals (that's you) are plugging into these sorts of initiatives in unprecedented numbers. Here's a handful of examples...


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