Gates Foundation funds malaria research

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Net Tuesdays

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ZbuttonThe first of a series of national (and international) meetups connecting tech-heads and nonprofit workers will be held in San Francisco next... duh... Tuesday, November 8th. For details and directions, click the Z.

Learn about the extraordinary work being done by nonprofits that are adopting networking technologies. If you have any questions about how it all works, these meetups are where you can learn and get answers through training sessions, demos, Q&A and new contacts. As the meetups evolve through a cadre of volunteers there will be more and more examples of how our sector is adopting and integrating the next generation of internet tools.

Web 2.0 technologists and assorted stragglers interested in remixing the web for social change: come talk to nonprofit practitioners about the tech. Nonprofits: come talk to tech junkies about your work, find out about new web tools, and much more.

Various folks from Technorati will be there, plus Chris Messina.

Microsoft Introduces Web Services

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Veteran tech reporter John Markoff has a story in today's New York TImes saying that Microsoft will offer web services, thus competing against Yahoo. Google -- and the web itself...

The strategic shift... represents an acknowledgment by the company, the world's largest software publisher, that the Internet has once again changed the rules of business, forcing Microsoft to scramble to catch up....

The new technologies, which are based on the idea of open Internet standards that allow many applications to be easily connected, is a potential threat to Microsoft because users will be able to select competing software products rather than be locked into large applications suites like Office.

The article is significant more for what it says about the strength of the tools emerging on the open Internet than for any of Microsoft's announced plans to replace them.

Society for New Communications Research

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Blawgzine reports (thanks, Franziska) that a new international, non-profit think tank has just been formed: The Society for New Communications Research

The Society will study the impact of emerging modes of communication such as blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, videocasts, collaborative tools and the growing phenomena of participatory communications and their effect on traditional media, marketing, public relations and advertising, as well as their broader impact on business, politics, entertainment, culture, education, religion and society at large.

Gee, is that all? What slouches! ;-)

Internet Innovators will have Collaboration Hub at SF Green Festival

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The Green Festival ( a joint project of Global Exchange and Co-Op America, will be having a Collaboration Hub as one of its exhibits. 26 computers will be set up to allow attendees to access:



Stuff We Like




Green Home

Integrative Activism

Identity Commons

Nonprofit Innovation Award announced

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Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project, a Seattle-based organization that collects oral histories of Japanese Americans who were incarcerated during World War II, is the winner of the first-ever Nonprofit Innovation Award, organized by NPower Seattle to recognize Puget Sound nonprofits who creatively use technology to impact their communities.

Densho will be honored at an awards luncheon to be held tomorrow, Nov. 1, at Seattle's Grand Hyatt Hotel. Three other organizations also nominated for the award -- Childhaven, Eco Encore and Millionair Club -- will be recognized with honorable mentions by Nonprofit Innovation Award presenter Accenture.

Links added.

participatory web culture

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"I think there’s going to be an absolute explosion of user-produced video and content," says Mitch Kapor -- the guy who, it could be said, single-handedly launched the personal computer revolution. He founded Lotus Development back in the '80s. Lotus produced the 1-2-3 spreadsheet program that drove the sale of computer hardware. And the rest is history. To hear Mitch tell it, history is about to be made again.

Yesterday's Boston Phoenix ran a story titled The revolution will be televised - "The Participatory Culture Foundation tunes into online TV — ahead of the corporate curve." corporations lick their chops at the prospect of digital-video windfalls, Worcester’s Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a small cadre of young activists and programmers, is heading in the opposite direction. The group has developed an open-source, nonprofit Internet TV platform that looks to draw the average viewer into this brave new world.

Update from the NetSquared team

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It's been a great week over here for the NetSquared team.

We're working with Duoh on refining our logo/identity and are excited about our upcoming website launch in mid-November.

We've also added a new section to our site called NetSquared in Action, which highlights various nonprofit projects that harness new technology as a powerful platform for action. As we continue to add groundbreaking projects, we encourage you to add more projects to this collection.

symposium on social architecture

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Produced by Corante in cooperation with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School, the Symposium on Social Architecture will

...bring together the leading lights of the social software and social media space to discuss the overarching themes and underlying technologies that are driving the massive uptake of people-centered, user-driven, individual-connecting applications, communities, content, and services.

This announcement page is a great link list to some of those "leading lights." Poking around in their blogs is an education in itself -- perhaps especially valuable to those who, like myself, forgot to go to Harvard.

The Corante site overall is also worth a deeper look.


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