Open Source comes to education in a big way

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I just saw that Sun is spinning off (is that a solar flare?) its open source education project designed to open up educational resources for primary and secondary schools to the masses.  A quote from a recent eWeek article, titled, Sun Spins Off Education Project as a Nonprofit on the subject says:

"The goal of GELC is to amass a collection of free online textbooks, assessment tools and teaching resources—including proven best practices for teachers. Nelson said GELC's focus will initially be on math and science education content for primary and secondary teachers. The community will use a model based on the Java Community Process to govern what content is added to the collection."

"Web 2.0 blowback"

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My good pal and Cluetrain co-author, Doc Searls, has called me out. There's no other way to put it. "Your move, dude," he writes. I encourage you to go read his post -- and to follow the links to what he calls "the best blowback against Web 2.0 boosterism." He points to an article by Nicholas Carr titled The amorality of Web 2.0. Personally, I didn't think it was a moral issue, but i guess I need to chew on this a bit. You think about it. I'll think about it. And we can meet up back here to compare notes.

Here's one from the email bag...

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The following message came to us via email:

I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I've read that website essay a couple of times now and I still don't know what Net2 "is". I hear that it is ...

the beginnings of a very large project to encourage and support collaboration among and between nonprofit organizations and non-governmental agencies that are doing crucial work that otherwise wouldn't get done

... but then I get no vision at all what that means, actually and physically in the real world. You say this interesting thing about "community plumbing" way way below that sentence, and that's intriguing so I click to the site and get a bunch of technical gobbledegook, and it doesn't say "community plumbing" anywhere. And I have no idea what "grab a hammer and dive in" means in this context.

nonprofit named to top IT innovators list

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Now, here's a surprise...

The Salvation Army’s Western Territory, which covers the 13 western-most US states and Micronesia, was recently named to the prestigious InformationWeek 500, InformationWeek magazine's 17th annual ranking of the most innovative Information Technology (IT) organizations in the nation. [read more on Salvation Army site...]

Background on the InformationWeek 500 -- as well as the complerte list for 2005 -- is available here. It appears that the magazine has covered the Salvation Army fairly often in the past (see google search).

My rabbit-ears beats your wiki?

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I was looking forward to the Bioneers session yesterday afternoon titled: Blogs, Wikis and Indies: Citizen Media and the Fate of Democracy. Finally, a place where we could dive deep into the churning waters where social justice meets web2.x!

 So, why was it the discussion kept circling back to television? While we certainly  touched on web2.x topics, the conversation largely revolved around the longer running skirmishes over non-web communication modes. Lots of talk about the FCC, media consolidation, television, print journalism, etc. There was relatively little discussion of the impact the blogosphere has had, or the potential that lies ahead. 

Bioneers Day 1 (and Greetings!)

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First off, a hearty hello to the NetSquared world! I'm Phil Ferrante-Roseberry, one of the folks who helps keep the good ship CompuMentor afloat and on-course. I'm looking forward to seeing where this grand experiment takes us all over the coming months (and hopefully seeing many of you in person in April!)

Right now, I'm back from Day 1 of the Bioneers Conference, my mind racing... and yet slow in that way that comes from too many big thoughts in one day.  Bioneers is one of THE hot events in enviromental activism (or any area of activism, I suspect) and I'm looking forward to soaking it in over the next couple days.


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